Sunday, 14 June 2015

Every moment can be a Maxfresh moment

On some days sitting in the bus on a hot humid day or waiting for my station to come in a crowded local or the metro there is a constant yearning in my heart that wants me to get out of the routine,the ordinary  and stale grind of the daily life where one feels nothing but like being a part of a big machine. Who am I a part number, a roll number or an employee id? Or am I an Individual who wants to be touched and refreshed by the pulsating energy of the song and dance of life. Surely I want to break free from the shackles of the mundane and ordinary and want some change that's why my heart constantly hums (the Anushka manchanda song from race 2)

Har ghadi har paher mujhe
Bas khayal hai ab tera
Kaise katenge din tere bin
Yahi bas sawaal hai ab mera…


In every second every moment
I have the thought of You
How will the days go without You
That is my only question

What I long for is some fun and a refreshing change and what better way to refresh the tired body, mind and soul due to the fatigue of the ordinary and mundane than to let myself lose on a song and dance routine because when Anushka Manchanda sang the song from GolMaal 3 perhaps the lyrics were written to echo my sentiments.

Apni judaa hai yaaro harkat harkat rang bhi judaa hai apna
Apni churaane ki hai fitrat fitrat dil ko bacha ke rakhna
(Go go golmaal, go go golmaal, go go golmaal)
After all I am the free spirited bird who craves maxfresh moments in every day of my life . I believe that since we live only once so it is our responsibility to live every moment to the fullest. So be it the dance floor at a disco or a club or a friends birthday party where I like to match my steps with my partner on the tune of dance basanti (Yet anither Anushka Manchanda Song) and trying to emulate the high energy and very fresh moves of Allu  Arjun . I am only living the motto of my life that I have to enjoy every moment of my life. So why wait for an occasion like a birthday, passing out of school or college or anything else for that matter. Just listen to a Anushka Manchanda song and let the music flow through you . You would feel a high voltage but very refreshing energy flowing through you just as I do. Then I can channelize this energy into a dance move aka Allu Arjun. Oh what a combination it is the singing  of Anushka Manchanda and the fluidic
dansing of Allu Arjun. I feel that both of them are in concert in front of me and performing live and exclusively for me and I am living my life the maxfresh way.
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