Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bidding Pimples Goodbye

It is every one’s dream to have a roses and peach complexion. A fresh looking skin  is always complimented and though you may not be a raving beauty , the way you look ,the feel of your skin and its texture adds a charm to your personality.
Pimples are most dreaded by all especially the youth ,be it a girl or a boy because a small pimple can make them go crazy as they think of methods to try and hide it. A pimple is considered to be a torture which robs you of your mental peace.You start wondering as to what caused it. Did you not wash your hands before touching your face or is it the effect of something you applied on your face.You torture yourself with the thought as to what you had eaten just before its occurrence.
Pimples can be the result of pollution , too much of fried oily food or an infection or even tension.
I had always prided myself on the fact that pimples were strangers who would never cross my path. Every morning I would get up and my foremost task was to examine my face, as I knew that it was my passport to success and fame. I felt pity for all those who were under the disdainful impact of pimples.
I felt very confident that a pimple would never plague me .Then one day as I got up and as I examined my face in the mirror I felt as if I had stepped on to a mine which had simply exploded in my face.There was that pimple though small , laughing at me. I felt as if I had been robbed of my greatest treasure .I felt at a loss because it was a situation which I had never experienced before and I did not know how to cope with the occurrence of this pimple which was all set to mar my face.
I was in college and participating in a dance competition, which was a very important occasion for me. Now this little disaster called a pimple had come to torment me and spoil my great day which was just a few days away.
This spoilsport was coming in the way of my dance practice sessions as my hands would invariably seek it to feel if it had increased in size. I was in a state of great agony when my mother came to my rescue. She told me that my grandmother had a perfect answer for pimples but the recipe required a number of ingredients, some of them my mother recollected but felt that some were still missing. So it was decided to call up my grandmother and take her help. On being told of my plight my grandmother assured me that I need not panic nor search for any ingredients as now Garnier had launched its Active Neem face wash which was all I needed to do the impossible, that is free me from the clutches of this pimple and make my life simple once again.Acting on her advice I started using Garnier’s Active ineem face wash.The miracle was wrought and on the day of the competition I was my radiant smiling self once again.

my car buyers checklist meets the TATA BOLT

The decision of buying a car is always a big decision as it would be our mode of commute for at least a couple of years. There are so many brands and models that it becomes difficult for a person to decide which one to choose. I always want a car that gives me value for money and is packed with the latest features. It has to be innovative in the use of technology and be stylish. As a car is no longer just a means of going from point A to B it is also a status symbol. Above all I should look good in it and I want it to be a head turner . I should not feel ashamed to be seen with it. It should have features that I can flaunt and show off to my friends.
Keeping these points in mind when I got the opportunity of experiencing the New TATA Bolt I was pleasantly surprised by the new look and feel of this new product from the TATA stable.
I am fascinated by
1)      The Multi drive Feature of TATA BOLT. This is a unique feature seen for the first time in India.
The Multi-Drive is a feature by which a person can choose the performance of his TATA BOLT It has three modes The Sport Mode. It gives a lot of sport power to the driver and one feels the ultimate power of the Revotron 1.2 T engine at one’s disposal.
In the Eco mode: it transform the TATA BOLT in to a fuel conscious car that focusses on getting you a good fuel efficiency.
In the City mode the car is designed to give you an optimized city performance. This Multi-Drive feature alone sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

2)      The CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™ is a marvel of technology that makes surfing and switching FM channels and watching multimedia content or movies in the car a novel experience . One of the safety features built into the system is that the volume levels are speed sensitive. So as we go faster in the car and need to be aware of the outside  sounds the volume of the audio gets automatically adjusted.

Speed dependent volume control
Syetem Reads out your SMS messages
The Navigation System to ensure you never get lost

Use your Voice to Change Channels 

3)      Talking of Safety I want to be safe on the road and TATA BOLT has incorporated a number of features keeping the safety of passengers in mind.
There are air bags for the front passengers.

What this means in simple terms is that in the time of emergency braking sometimes the wheels lock and the car can go out of control if the car is moving at higher speeds.

TATA BOLT has The advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution) and CSC (Corner stability Control)

So if you were to apply sudden brake in emergency while the car is traveling at a high speed then the ABS system and EBD comes into play and you maintain better control of the car. Similarly when you take a sudden turn at high speed the CSC or the corner stability control comes into play and provides you more car control and

stability at sharp turns. With city traffic getting erratic this is a definite plus. I would also prefer to go on long drives and do plenty of hill as well as city driving

TATA BOLT has a built in sensor that locks the doors as soon as the car is set into motion so that the doors do not open by accident . This is a boon for people with young children who are playful and sitting on the rear seat. You can rest assured while driving that the doors would not open by chance or accident.

The doors automatically lock when TATA BOLT is in Motion

The rear screen fog wiper is a boon for all those who want a good view during rains and fog. It not only increases the visibility while reversing but also helps you keep a clear view of the approaching traffic from behind.

The side mirrors give a good view along the external length of the car and what I really liked is the smooth joystick control that is present to adjust these side mirrors.

    4) TATA bolt is all about comfort: So the from and rear seats are cushioned to provide you a relaxing experience while being in the car yet they provide you with a vantage point to see out of the car and get a good view of the road.The interior cabin is spacious and provides best in class space to the driver as well asto  the passengers. While I sat in the car there were three more people in fact complete strangers were seated in front and on one side of me however the inside cabin being big and spacious give me the feel of a spacious car and I did not feel that my space was being impinged upon. So this car meets my check mark of ample personal space for all the passengers. 

L5) Looking at the car from the outside its “Smoked  Projector Headlamps”,TATA's signature grill with” PIANO BLACK FINISH” and the “FLAME-SHAPED TAIL LAMPS” caught my eye and earned brownie points for giving it an uber,chic and stylish look. 
Smoked  Projector Headlamps

TATA's signature grill with” PIANO BLACK FINISH


The Alloy Wheel Look

T    The 15 inch alloy wheels also caught my attention as they added to the overall look and appeal. However I am impressed by the nice clearance. I am of average Indian height and sitting in the driver’s seat gives me a good view of the road. Having hit so many check marks in the list of features in my  car buyer’s wish list TATA BOLT gets my nod in the affirmative. 

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Saturday, 24 January 2015

my tryst with asus

I am a person on the go and always on a lookout for new devices and gadgets that are good to look at , powerful with a good battery life, easy to handle and have a decent screen size. I recently happened to chance upon a new device from ASUS and here are a few of my impressions of this device that seems to be designed keeping my requirements in mind.
The new ASUS EeeBook X205TA is a beautiful device that is power packed with features. On the first look one is struck by its sleek look and design and can’t help and admire its gorgeous looks. There was a time when gadgets were designed to be fast and powerful and little emphasis was given to its looks. However in this new product  i.e ASUS EeeBook X205TA  the exterior is a complete eye candy.It is  not only elegant but also chic and comes in a number of color choices. There would be quite a few people who would pick up this product just for the looks. However for the more discerning ones who are interested in the technicalities, the ASUS EeeBook X205TA has an Intel powered Atom processor to power all the applications.
It comes with a Microsoft office 365 per-installed and licensed for one year. This makes it a great device for all those who want to use it to do their office work on the go or want to collaborate with colleagues. I feel that with more and more work force being mobile these days this per-installed software would come in handy for a lot of people.

People who are always on the go prefer a device that is not too heavy and the new ASUS EeeBook X205TA weighs just under a kilo and with a thickness of only 1.75 cm .It would be the preferred device of choice for a lot of people.

The compact design raises a serious question as to how much is the battery life? The good news is that the battery life can offer up to twelve hours of usage while browsing and for the music lovers it has 13 hours of music play. Those who cannot live without watching videos and movies ,this device offers 11 hrs of video playback time.

The real power of a device lies in its processor and the ASUS EeeBook X205TA is powered with the Intel Atom processor. To be specific it has the Intel Atom Processor Z3735F Processor upto 1.86 GHz ,2M with Quad core.
The 2 GB of DDR3 1600 Ram is sufficient to support a whole range of applications. It has 32 GB of EMMC storage. So that one can have quite a large number of applications installed on this machine .
This ASUS beauty comes with windows 8.1 and is available in color choices of Dark Blue, Red, Gold and White.
It has a sufficiently big screen of 29.4 cm i.e 11.6 inches and has a HD Glare diplay.
Despite all these features and looks it only weighs less then a Kilo and this power house of performance is light on the pocket too at a price of Rs14999/- at the time of writing this post.The features and the price are just right for me,so I  have chosen this model.

ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.
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ASUS EeeBook X205TA and ASUS All In One PC ET2040.

My bold spidey moves for Valentine

I have known this guy ever since I was in school and I really like him and have a soft corner for him Even he likes me . I know this by the way he looks at me and the way his eyes light up on seeing me  and he has also confessed about this to a common friend. However he is a super shy guy and this shyness has stopped him from   proposing to me so far.. I have been waiting for his proposal and can no longer wait so I have decided to make the first move. Since our childhood  both of us have been fans of Spiderman and are great enthusiasts who love to collect  Spiderman comics and memorabilia. It has been our greatest passion. I am going to use this common passion to bring us closer.Exchanging these comics and reading them together used to be our common pas time.We made it a point to see all Spiderman movies together and we have also formed a Spiderman Fan Club We started bonding over these comics and the joint reading sessions and I don’t know when we grew close to each other as we progressed from childhood to adolescence and then stepped into adulthood. This common passion has stood the test of time and even to this day the shelve full of Spiderman comics is my guys cupboard are one of his most valuable and prized  possessions. So I have decided to woo my guy in  a truly offbeat and Spiderman style that would surely make the ardent Spiderman fan in him take note of my feelings for him . In preparation for this special day for lovers i.e the Valentine day I have ordered a special SpiderMan costume for myself. I am also learning how to climb up and down a rope. The first thing that I am going to do this valentine  is that I would dress up as Spiderman and use a rope to slide down onto his balcony from my balcony. as my flat happens to be just above his. .I would do this in the morning to coincide with the time when he is exercising and doing his push ups . Seeing me   hanging  on a rope like the Spiderman would surely get him excited and then  as he would come near me I would propose to him. This would be a proposal of a true Spiderman fan to another. When he accepts  my proposal I would go upside down on the rope and  like the famous upside down kiss from the Spiderman movie where Spiderman kisses   Mary Jane.I would complete the proposal with a kiss to make it the most memorable moment for both of us and mark the beginning of a new relationship in both our lives.

Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Relocate to Bangalore with quikr

If I were to relocate to Bangalore how would I use ? Well this is not a hypothetical question for me at all. I have long been fascinated by the tales of this garden city. I have heard how the weather is good for twelve months round the year perhaps this had led to a secret yearning to go and stay in this beautiful city. However when I got the news that I was to go on a project to Bangalore for two years and then there could be a possible extension of stay I was perplexed. For one I did not know what I would do with all my belongings . If I were to pack all my belongings like refrigerator, beds, sofas, TV and all other household furniture it would cost me a bomb and if I were to buy all those articles afresh in Bangalore it would cost me a fortune. Moreover what would I do with all these things  in case I have to move out of Bangalore ? These questions plagued me till I came across
My first concern was to find a place to stay . Luckily browsing through houses on rent section 

I could view the pictures of apartments and houses that were on offer for rent right next to or very close to my new office in Bangalore. The most significant feature was that I could talk to the property owner without the intervention of a middle man like a property dealer.

The Chat function is a great tool that I used to clarify whatever queries I had about the house I wanted to take on rent. The best part is the new feature quick Nxt that eliminates the need to share the phone number and the email also. This way my privacy is protected .

 I was really very happy to see a large number of listings for TV,Fridge,Washing machines and other household items at much reduced prices even than the showroom prices. Since I was dealing with actual sellers  I got to know first hand information as to why they were selling a particular product and in what condition was it being sold. I even negoatiated the price and decided from whom did I want to buy the products .Even before I set foot on the soil of Bangalore  without stepping out of my home  
now I can buy anything that I want at a price that is just right.Moreover  I can sell the products that I no longer require at the best possible price. This way I get the cash to buy more and in a way satisfy my craving for shopping ;) This is indeed a super way to quickly get what I wanted and also the best of all deals without worrying about my pocket.It is an affordable luxury and convenience which I really enjoyed and loved.
Either as a buyer or as a seller offers the best deals and value for money
My Parting Words
TV,Fridge, Camera or DVD Player
Don’t fear No middle men, no brokers are here
So buy a house or rent your apartment
This is the market where the buyer met the seller
Through quikr Nxt before they meet face to face

Whatever you do, you will get the maximum value for your buck

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