Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A hug to thank my father who means the world to me

We are in this world because of our parents. They form an integral part of our life. Without them we would have had no existence. Our fabric of life is incomplete without them. Our life can never be complete without our mother and father. They are both essential to us. Each of them plays specific, distinct and directional roles in our lives. Our mother is our care taker she nourishes us and is the person who sustains us. Her arms have been our cradle that rocked us to sleep. She wiped our tears when we got hurt. For me my mother has always been present every where taking care of my needs and wants. I did not have to call for she was always present by my side when I needed her the most. She has been the model of love and compassion. We cannot undermine her role in my life but how can I forget that most important person of my life who has always been present but working behind the scene. It is my dearest father who has always been a silent observer and a great pillar of strength. I had always been in great awe of him but then one day he took me shopping. Holding my tiny fingers he went and stood before the toy shop. It was a very big toy store and so far we had only done window shopping. That day we entered the portals of the biggest toy shop I had ever seen. I felt like Alice in Wonderland. My father asked me to select a toy of my choice as he took me around the store. I selected a doll after much deliberation. Today that doll is still my most prized possession because of the memory associated with it that of doing my first shopping with my father.
There are memories in galore when I found my father by my side when I needed support and courage. I cannot forget the day when I had a fever just a day before my final exam. He came and sat by my side for hours. He not only gave me the medicine to cure my fever but also applied cold compresses on my forehead. He spent the whole night by my bedside sitting on a chair and once when I had cried out in distress he had held my hand to console me. Seeing his towering presence by my side I had felt safe and secure and knew that every thing was all right. He was not demonstrative by nature but that day I had seen concern and worry on his face. The next morning when I got ready to leave for the examination hall he took out his favorite pen which he considered to be lucky. He gave it to me silently without saying a word to me and placed his hand on my head in a blessing. I could see a glisten in his eyes. He also took me to the examination hall and gave me instructions to sip the lemon juice which he had asked my mother to make for me and filled in a thermos for me to take away.
I have always felt his presence whenever I faced a difficult situation and his sound advice saw me through. With father’s day coming on the best gift I want to give my dad is a great Hug. All material gifts are mundane and short lived but my hug is a gift that would last forever in the form of a cherished memory. With my hug I want to tell my father that he means the world to me.

I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

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