Sunday, 14 June 2015

Living it up with Maxfresh move

Life without freshness and energy is dull, limpid and listless. A life that is bereft of freshness is like a painting that has been robbed of its colors leaving it black and white.
What a super feeling it is when you feel the fresh morning air against your face. It not only leaves you invigorated but also a much happier person. At this moment you feel that you are holding the world in your hands and nothing is impossible for you. You look up at the sky and find it fresh and inviting. Even the chirping of the birds has a certain freshness and their morning song is charged with energy.
I wish that this condition of freshness kept on and on throughout the day. Then there would be no dull moment in our lives. Alas this feeling does not persist and usually diminishes as the day passes on and as you are surrounded by the ordinary and mundane tasks of life, a routine that becomes dull and drab. You hanker for that freshness that you had felt when you got up in the morning.
It was no different for me because as the time of the day was progressing so was the boredom. I had to attend a late afternoon class so by the time I got ready to leave home the sun was quite high in the sky and emanating a heat that was quite sharp and difficult to bear. I went to the nearby bus stop to catch a bus for my college. Despite of the shaded bus stand the heat hit me straight on. 
The bus stand was crowded and full of a motley crowd. There was desperation and frustration on the faces of the people waiting for the bus. Nobody was in a mood to talk to each other or even exchange pleasantries. The air was still and there was no indication of any approaching bus. The wait seemed endless and the humidity was taking its toll. I wished that something would happen to recharge us once again. Just then two young kids a boy and a girl joined our group. The boy had a music system in his hands. As he switched it on the air was filled with the magical notes of Anushka Manchanda’s song and what was needed was the electrifying moves of Allu Arjun to complete the scene. To every ones surprise the boy started dancing with moves similar to Allu Arjun and the girl started singing. This was so similar to a rock show that soon those waiting for the bus could not resist from tapping their toes and singing along with Anushks Manchanda. What a transformation!  This was surely a #Maxfresh move.Soon we could see the bus at a distance and as we boarded it we were all feeling fresh and energized

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