Monday, 27 April 2015

Value of celebration

I love my mother very much. She is my best friend my mentor my best critic and my perfect guide. She has always given me the best advice whenever I was at a turning point of life. She always told me that we should be honest and hard working and the results would always be positive. Even if the results are not immediate, wait patiently and never give up.
 One more lesson which I learned from her was to celebrate life as it comes and enjoy every moment of it. She says” We should enjoy every moment of our life as it never comes back”. If we are enjoying that moment all work is fun and not a burden. We do not need a reason or wait for any festival or occasion for celebration.
 Being together is only a big reason. Every day is a new day. Its full of challenges and opportunities. If we succeed we should take a short break and appreciate that moment and if we fail still then wait and analyze and work again with full determination. If one fails to find a reason to celebrate in one's life then celebrate in your sister's success or husband's promotion. We don’t need a major reason.
Celebration doesn’t mean spending lots of money for decoration or spending on food etc. Celebration is a moment when you realize the importance of that moment and in living that moment. You feel happy from inside. For that we all need to let go of our egos, tensions and selfishness.
We are humans first and we should not forget to share our joy. If we share joy it would only double giving us more reasons to celebrate. I am very thankful to my mother for teaching me such big lesson about life. Life is short. We should value life. Spread cheer around and give reasons to others for celebration.
Everyone has to search their own source of happiness. I celebrate life by cooking, its my passion. I feel very happy and content to try out new dishes for my family. I give them a reason to celebrate. My family loves cooking and when they are happy I feel more encouraged. I try and experiment with different ingredients giving them a new look and texture, which surprises my loved ones.
 Cooking for my family is my source of happiness and a major reason for celebrating life. My mother always encourages me. She has taught me to spread smiles and keep everyone around happy wherever we are. It may be at home, college, office or even in the metro. Life is all about celebration. We all should find our reason for happiness and celebration. Mine is cooking. What's Yours?
Think friends. Celebrate Life, celebrate every moment as life is very precious.

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Monday, 20 April 2015

The Double fun of being #TwiceAsNice.

I met my friend through our common passion for blogging.Although both of us are as different from each other like chalk and cheese, but still our common love is one that is blogging.I love to blog about fashion and varied products related to beauty and fashion. My friend is into blogging about life and places.Our combination has made our friendship and relationship #TwiceAsNice.
We are thankful to Garnier for giving us this opportunity to explore these two products and doing it together has bonded us further.
Garnier Apricot PureActive Exfoliating face scrub is suitable for all skin types and gives a smooth and glowing skin.It removes dead skin cells as it contains exfoliating powder derived from Apricot seeds.It's creamy texture hydrates the skin to make it soft, smooth and glowing.
On the other hand Garnier Neem PureActive purifying face wash is a soap free solution with real Neem leaf extract and Tea Tree oil.It has three purifying actions.It helps to fight germs, fights pollution by deep pore cleaning action.It removes excessive oil.
The use of both of them makes our skin #TwiceAsNice. They gel together like Rabri with Jalebi just as I and my friend do.

Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Redefining the Smart Phone Experience with the ASUS ZenFone 2

What are smart phones ? Are they just feature rich phones that let you do more then just calling and texting with your phone? If that’s your definition of a smart phone then perhaps you could just close your eyes and pick up any Smart phone. If you are a more discerning user who wants to maximise your Smart Phone experience then you must give the ZenFone 2 from ASUS a serious look. I find this to be a phone that is very attractive in the looks department and powerful. Its packed with features and in a lot of ways redefines the Smart Phone experience.

Some of the features that I would like to mention are

1) It has a quad core Intel processor that is a 64-bit Intel® Atom™ Z3580 processors and can deliver speeds of up to 2.3GHz. To optimize this speed and performance it comes with up to 4 GB of RAM. When I compare it to my laptop the specs and speed are almost the same and finding a smart phone that matches the speed of my laptop gives me a lot of confidence and a high.

2) The Camera: The new ZenFone 2 from ASUS is equipped with a 13 MP MP Pixel Master Camera: This helps to capture photos that are clear and bright even in low light or night shots . 

Even without the flash they are up to 400% brighter and clearer . This is possible due to the use of a industry leading low light mode that uses pixel merging technology.The camera is a f/2.0 aperture and has zero shutter lag. In conditions that require a flash it has a real tone flash that gives warm skin tones and accurate color in all our photos.For all the selfie enthusiasts like me it has the built in Selfie Panorama feature with which one can use the 140 degree wide angle shots while taking selfies this would ensure that images are not chopped off or people are not left out while taking selfies so one can rest assured that none of the friends would be left out in a group selfie.

3) It comes with the Android 5.0 (Lollipop) operating system so that I would be able to install all the latest apps. The New OS would ensure that my phone does not hang and keeps running at its peak performance for a long time to come

4) This phone uses the Boost Master Faster technology for charging the phone at double the speed. Now you can charge your phone upto 60% in up to 39 minutes 

5) The 5.5 inch full HDR display of 1920 X 1080 and a 403 ppi pixel density ensures that I would be able to get a clear and crisp display so be it a movie, playing games or day to day activity I will continues to do so with minimum strain to my eyes.

All these features makes the ASUS ZenFone 2 a redefining phone experience

All images have been taken from
and the asus product video

Monday, 13 April 2015

A world without ads and CrashThePepsiIPL

Just think if there were no ads in this world then the cricketers, celebrities would not be treated as Demi gods. No body would harass and hackle Anushka because Virat did not perform. Life would be very different and perhaps the paparazzi who run after these celebrities for news and gossip would be out of job because we would only Know Mr M.S Dhoni , Virat Kohli and other team members as  cricketers .They would no longer try to sell us there wares (that is the products that they endorse) from toothpastes to bikes, from cement to fans and homes. There would be no longer the images of Shikhar Dhawan on the backside of autos telling what bank he banks with. Perhaps you would not even know or be interested to know who is dating whom. 
Right now which ever match you see you can find labels of brands on every part of the jerseys caps and gears of cricketers. What brand of water should they drink if they were to feel thirsty to what brand label would be present on their bandage if they were to ever hurt themselves and wear a bandage. Everything is decided beforehand and for being so colorful walking banners of products they earn big bucks. What a performing leading cricketer earns in a day is at times way beyond what a lot of people earn in a whole year or even in some cases even in their lifetimes. There is one argument that says that since the professional life of a cricketer is a short one therefore they have the full right to maximize their earnings through advertising and being featured in ads. However this should not affect their performance. For the sake of arguments let’s say that if there were no advertising allowed then imagine what the life of people would be like. For the cricketers the attire would be plain with no labels of brands. There would be no ad breaks between matches. So cricketers would not make obscene amount of money. For the audience there would be lesser distraction and confusion as to what brands to buy. Perhaps all those people who work in the advertising world would lose their jobs. In such a situation what would cricket matches and tournaments on TV would look like. For one without the sponsors and advertisers there may be no telecast of matches. You may have to buy tickets and go to see each match or buy viewing rights for viewing each match on pay per view basis. The cost of the pay per view would be exorbitant as broadcasting a live event is a very expensive proposition. As of now the channels or agencies that buy the broadcast rights form the organizers recover the cost from the advertisers so that we can view TV almost free or for a small fee. Without advertising there would be no daily soaps and life would be monotonous and boring. Watching ads is the price that we have to pay for watching free to air TV or TV at a subsidized rate. Without ads even internet services like free email services and every service that is free at this point in time would become paid.  So advertising is a necessary evil but we can only hope to have informative and meaningful ads in the future.

This Pepsi IPL, it's not just about cricket. It's time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it's chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?
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Memorable ad that left its mark

Ads which are the short word for advertisements are the medium chosen by companies to show case their products. Through this mode the products that a company produces are talked about and their salient features are displayed. Earlier there was more visibility of print ads and ads made for the radio. People had greater access to radios. In those days radio was the main source of news and the companies used this medium for advertising their products. This was the most preferred mode used by companies as the urban as well as the rural population had access to the radio. In this way the advertisements regarding new products were within the reach of many and influenced their buying and spending decisions. Now it’s the age of video ads. The earlier ads were quite simple in nature and the message used to be clear. Now the video ads are more complex and intricate in nature. Some times the message in the ad comes out loud and clear but there are many ads which leaves the public guessing. Visual ads are a better and effective way of leaving a more lasting impact on the audience. They highlight the effectiveness of the products or the services offered. They are a better way to reach out to the viewers. These ads are better retained in the mind and when one wants to buy that specific product then the product and the name flashes in your mind and there is a great chance that you would opt for that specific brand. Thus ads are a sure shot way to make people buy the products advertised.
We all have been watching ads for a long time now. We find those ads more interesting and attention gripping which have a comic content and a story line to keep you involved.
There is a specific ad produced for Fevicol which rushes to my mind when this brand is talked about. It is about a person working with wood and at the same time he is also watching the Television. On the TV screen the scene shows a girl hanging on a rope.
While watching this man stands up and extends his hand to pick up the box of adhesive which is placed on top of the Television. As soon as he picks up the adhesive the girl falls down. The message comes that the adhesive was holding the girl and with it removed the girl falls down. No matter how many times I watch this ad but I always react to this by wishing that the man would not remove the box of adhesive so that the girl stays put in her position. I am sure that many others must have felt the same and uttered a loud “No” just as he is about to pick up the box from the top of the Television. With the Television having a bigger reach to the masses, companies have allocated budgets for it. Now with IPL underway I am looking forward to viewing many new and interesting ads with the cricketers in them.
This Pepsi IPL, it's not just about cricket. It's time to crash with your own created ad! Make your own Pepsi ad & if it's chosen, it could play on TV during Pepsi IPL! And hey, it doesn't end here… Even if you're chosen as a finalist, you stand a chance of winning a prize amount of Rs.1 lakh! So what are you waiting for guys?
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Thursday, 9 April 2015

Cherished gift of Love

 My parents doted on me. They took all measures to keep me smiling and happy. All my wishes were instantly fulfilled. In spite of their living from salary to salary they managed to buy the best clothes and the latest toys for me. Only the best school would do for me and the government schools were not for me. To this day I wonder how they juggled their finances and managed to provide always the best for me. I was always the best dressed child in the neighborhood. My father loved food and so there was no dearth of good food in the house. New dishes were constantly tried by my mom and the traditional ones made for special occasions. I was a most happy and contented child. I still remember the picnics which were a regular feature and the wicker basket which my mother lovingly packed with a complete lunch. We all looked forward to these outings. They made a holiday so much special.
As I grew older the scenario began to change. Now we would go to the movies and tried to book in advance for a first day evening show.  We enjoyed a great evening out as we would eat chaat after the movie was over. My mother took monthly subscription of fashion magazines so that she could make for me dresses which were in vogue. She was a perfectionist and insisted that I keep my nails well manicured and use nail polish to match with my dresses. I had so much to learn from her from cooking to knitting and of course I also imbibed from her the color sense and how to match my ensembles. Soon I
Graduated from college and it was time for them to search for my life partner in which they soon succeeded. I found the new environment very strange and unnerving. I would have felt completely lost in a new household but my mother’s training in the field of culinary arts saved the day for me. Soon I started feeling at home in a houseful of strangers. Though living in the same city it became difficult for me to visit my mother every day but I made it a point to plan a monthly outing with her. Our outings consisted of movie shows and picnics. It was just like the old times and it kept us together even now. As the years passed by so did the age of my mother. She was now in the grip of asthma. She had become weak and one day when I visited her I found her unable to cover herself with the quilt which was very heavy for her to handle. She had been my inspiration and mentor and seeing her in this condition made my heart cry. I had to do something for her, she who had always cared for me and given me the best. I went to an emporium and selected a feather light and soft quilt for her in the shade of baby pink, a shade that was her favorite. I went straight to her with the quilt and replaced the bulky one with the new one. Slowly she pulled up the quilt up to her chest and smiled. It was simply a magical moment for us. Her face had the glow of youth once again and she looked like a queen enveloped in her baby pink quilt. It was a sight that I would never forget and it was a priceless gift for me.
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The simple gift of joy

I am told that when I was born there was great rejoicing in the family. Although I was a girl but maybe because I was the first child of the household. I was dear to all the members and ours being a joint family there were quite a number of them. Our house was always full of great hustle and bustle. There was an incessant flow of relatives who came visiting us regularly. Our home was near the railway station so when ever any relative happened to pass by our city they made it a point to pay us a visit. There was never a dull moment in my life with so much of activity taking place. By the time I grew up I had become attuned to seeing so many faces with a great number of new faces being added constantly to my list.
I was adored by my uncle who never tired of praising me and lovingly called me his princess. My aunts kept my share of sweets and fruits which they handed over to me as soon as I returned from school. My grandfather loved to take me out to the market when he went shopping. He enjoyed stopping at every stall and asking me my preference in vegetables and fruits. He never forgot to stop at the sweet shop to buy for me my favorite sweet. The person who was very special to me was my grandmother. I followed her all over the house and watched her performing her daily chores of cleaning and dusting, making preparations for the afternoon and the evening meal. I loved to help her in nearly all the chores. In the afternoons she would sit down in the gallery and sift through the wheat removing the tiny stones and other grains from it. I would also sit by her side and help her in this. She was very dear to me and had a long list of stories from the Ramayana to share with me. It was her daily ritual to read out from the Ramayana. One day I found her sitting with the Ramayana by her side. I was surprised to see her like this as the Ramayana lay unopened. I inquired as to why she was not reading from the book. Sadly she told me that the print was too small for her to read as her eyesight was not that good now. I felt greatly distressed by her unhappiness. I now thought of buying a book of Ramayana for her which had bigger alphabets. I began searching for it at nearby book shops but did not succeed. One day I was told that it was available at a book shop located at the other end of the city. I did not waste time in obtaining it. That evening as she sat looking sadly at her Ramayana I replaced it with the new one and asked her to read from it. She looked at me with questioning eyes and when I opened the book for her the look on her face on seeing the large print is beyond description. Her eyes glistened with tears of joy and her face glowed with happiness. It was a magical moment for both of us.For her it mattered that somebody cared and for me that I could show my love and care by bringing back into her life the joy of reading the Ramayana once again.
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