Friday, 28 November 2014

I am a part of AbMontuBolega what about you

#AbMontuBolega is a campaign initiated by Strepsils. Just like when we have that irritating obstruction in our throat we are not able to speak up and get uncomfortable similar is the feeling when our voice of concern is suppressed or stopped from being converted into an action. There are also many situations when we are unable to speak up. There are many such situations like when you are traveling in a bus and find a person harassing or trying to molest a fellow passenger then you want to speak out and take action but you stop yourself from speaking out because you feel that you will be alone in that fight and no one will come forward to support you. However the fact of the situation remains that if we do not stand up for what we believe in or care about then we are next in queue to face the same treatment. So nothing should deter you from raising your voice and expressing your opinion and also mobilizing the people in favor of collectively standing up against such issues.
   There are many occasions and situations when we try to voice our opinion but our opinions are suppressed from being expressed. Many times we do not voice our opinions and thoughts for the fear of being snubbed and made fun of. This fear should not hinder us or stop us from voicing our thoughts or concerns. It is our right to be heard and have a say in day to day life situations. It may be the workplace, schools, canteens, hang out with friends.
Making our voice heard is a process that starts with having an opinion and not succumb to pressure from parents, friends, group members or at the office. We can make our voices heard by expressing it on This is an important step to amplify our thoughts and concerns. By sharing our thoughts here we are making ourselves heard. There is an option to share these thoughts on Facebook ( /  ) and Twitter ( /  ) as well. The result is bringing together opinions of like minded people so that our voice is not drowned by others. By online expression and sharing These opinions get louder and louder till till they are heard by decision makers and those who matter. An added benefit is that a lot of people are mobilized and are better prepared when they face a similar situation.  We see people spitting on the road or throwing litter on the road. When we try to stop them a possible reaction from them is that they try to argue with the person stopping them or simply ignore the person. However when we post about such incidents online on We make sure that we are heard. Our efforts are compounded by sharing pictures of such incidents. Such contents creates public opinion and gets viral very quickly thus bringing it to the notice of authorities and decision makers thereby putting pressure on them to take action. That’s not all when we talk about and share our concerns online along with proofs like snaps we are putting peer pressure on the offenders to follow rules be it wearing helmets, not littering streets or stop drinking and driving. So with its # AbMontuBolega campaign is empowering us to bring about a change that we yearn for . It gives us the power and tool to make ourselves heard and act according to our inner voice of what is right and never would it ever be suppressed again.
                #AbMontuBolega is about bringing a change in our society and day to day situations .It is a campaign started by Strepsils and promoted through the site It is an empowering campaign that puts the power of being heard in the hands of individuals like you and me. Let us raise our voices for what matters to us and our society for a cleaner society and a better India #AbMontuBolega

Monday, 24 November 2014

Lucky 6 the winning game from

Theoretically speaking what are the chances that if you were to throw a stone out of the window and it would hit some one who wishes to win a lottery or who wants to get lucky in a game of chance ? Well the answer to this question is hundred per cent. Perhaps to answer the prayers of all those who wanted to get rich or win big , has come up with a game Lucky 6
Lucky 6 is one of the easiest games to play. All it involves is picking six brands of your choice out of a list of assortments of brands.
To play the game one has to download and install an app on your mobile device.
The game app be downloaded from

There are two versions of the app currently available one for the android phone and other for the ios based phones (Read apple based devices). For app versions it is best to keep checking the site 
This exciting games gives so many reasons to play such as:
Play This Game For The Prizes:Another reason why, this becomes a compelling game to play is that it is free and the rewards are big. One can win cash or bigger prizes like expensive holidays as jackpot.

Play for Glory: One has the opportunity to not just play this game but also challenge our friends to this game
Winning from Friends earnings: A big plus about the game is that by referring others we get entitled to win a prize when someone whom we refer wins this game. So this is a great way to multiply our chances of winning. So more we share more are our chances of winning.
Chances of winning can be Maximized by sharing on facebook,twitter,Google Plus, Pinterest,Vine and Instagram (check)

So what is the catch. Actually there is none. It’s a game coming from
Fat Cat is a crowdfunded campaign . Since there is no monetary cost so there is nothing to lose. An added benefit is that it is not monotonous as a player gets to choose from a host of brands unlike a lottery where he or she only picks numbers. This added player participation will make this game hot property.
India is a country of over billion people who aspire to win big and be rich and a game which is free and can be played on a mobile is going to capture the imagination of a large number of people. To play one need not go out anywhere or buy anything.
Just pickup your mobile, Download the app for free and get started.

Upon opening the app we get two options one is to login other is to register.

First time users need to register by providing a username, Password and a five digit pass code.

One needs to save this information as it is required to login and play the game.
The user receives a conformation email in their mail box. Upon confirming the email the user is all set to Play
To play one has to log in to the app

For logging in one needs to enter the registered email and passcode.
The app offers to show you a tutorial of how to play the game.
The game play is simple. It offers the user a list of Brands
The player has to click and chose 6 brands of his or her choice.
That is all that is required to play the game. On game play day if the stocks of the brands a player picks witness the highest rise then that player wins.

 This game could make you a winner. 
 images have been taken from and created by using the fatcat.apk  mobile app

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Home is my Dream Pad

My home is my dream pad .Though it’s the most guarded space yet it is the best space to splurge and make it look and feel opulent. The exterior has to be elegant ,chic yet the opulence has to be muted. It has to be very functional as exteriors tend to brave the vagaries of nature in all seasons. So it would be best to choose a low maintenance exterior. I choose the tiled façade for the exterior.The anexe of the house and the top floor is what faces the maximum sunlight and heat during the summers and it gets really hot there. So I

The quiet breakfast table for a quick breakfast or a quick snack.

The choice of Seats and chairs for my living Room
Tao Negro The perfect choice for elegance and grace. They will make my living room lively.

However with so much variety I would love to add a few  CLEVER Negro / Cincha Negra in the study for some comfy reading time


I like the feel and look of wood so I have chosen ascot Teca for that wooden look. It would make the rooms feel cooler in summers and warmer in winters. It would fulfil my dream of having a home in the hills that have wooden flooring.These are elegant and low maintenance floors.

For my  dining room on looking the garden this simple yet elegant dining set is the best way for the entire family to sit and eat together because as it is  said the family that eats together stays together

The Grand Bath for some leisurely pampering :
For this special place I choose the look created using OXON WHITE ° M and my  choice of shade is Butech: Colorstuk Blanco 

P3149996 _ 100110470 G205
Butech: Colorstuk Blanco 

 The Second bathroom: The second bathroom gets good light and I want to use it to the maximum to highlight and light up this special room so I have used the Matrix series monoporosa wall tiles

P3099037 _ 100108707 G226
Butech: Colorstuk Blanco

My kitchen is the place where all those delicious oriental dishes are cooked and to go with the mood I would select the Voluta series tiles for my kitchen 

monoporosa rectificado rectified wall tiles · diseños y texturas designs and textures
31,6x90x1cm_12”x35”x3/8” P3470381 _ 100088514 G287
Butech: Colorstuk Negro

My guest deserve a royal Treat
So I will use DECO GALLERY SAGE tiles to create wall murals in my guest rooms

31,6x90x0,9cm_12”x35”x3/8” P3470641 _ 100121105 G296
Butech: Colorstuk Beige

My Kitchen would brighten up with Glasgow Silver 

All photographs have been taken from

Bringing back the touch

Sunil  and Asha were a happy couple who had just celebrated their fifth anniversary .Their Anniversary party was not a private affair,in fact was a double celebration with the announcement of Sonali’s engagement was  made on the same day. Sonali was Sunil’s younger sister and about five years younger to Asha.
The wedding date was fixed fifteen days away from the day of the engagement .Everyone in the household was very excited. The house was buzzing with guests.  Asha was moving about  looking after the guests.She had a long list of things she had to do in a short span of time,like booking the caterers ,selecting a wedding venue,selecting  the perfect menu and above all making living arrangements for the guests  who had started pouring in quite in advance as it was the last wedding in the family. This was not all shopping for clothes and jewellery and wedding gifts for the in laws was also high on her agenda.
Asha was flustered but handled the issues capably .She was in great demand as every small and sundry matter needed her attention.She was worried that nothing should go wrong as the onus of all the arrangements was on her.She knew that it was very difficult to please all the guests but she was doing her utmost to give her best.
She was so busy in doing the innumerable chores that she neglected her physical care.All this was taking toll on her looks and skin. Then one evening she got the shock of her life when Sonalis friends
Who had gathered together to discuss the wedding dress  called her Auntie.How could they do this as she was just five years elder to sonali and still in the prime of her youth.This made her stop and look at herself in the mirror.She was aghast at what she saw.Her skin was looking old and care worn.She wondered what to do and then she remembered the bottle of Parachute advansed body lotion which she had pushed back into the cabinet.She took it out and sighed with relief as she knew that it would recreate its magic.It was the fourth day and she could see a visible difference.While the time of the wedding it was the seventh day and her skin was feeling soft and completely nourished.It was evening and she was all decked up for the occasion.
Every one complimented her on her looks and how she was glowing even more than the bride.She smiled because she felt confident as she felt the softness of her skin.Parachute advansed body lotion had done the wonder again.


Monday, 17 November 2014

A toilet for all Babli's #ToiletForBabli

India has a large rural population.The major problem faced by the people in the rural areas is the lack of proper toilet facilities.Thus they resort to using the open spaces.It is not only cumbersome but also unhealthy as it facilitates the breeding of germs and is the cause of various diseases.The main sufferers are the women folk who are not only impacted by the germs but also their personal safety is at stake.They move in pairs or groups in the darkness of night The passing tractors make them uncomfortable and their task becomes an ordeal.Their faces are unhappy and harassed as they hurry through their call of nature.They are not only prone to catching diseases but their physical safety is also at stake as some unwanted miscreants are hiding in wait for them .They face the dangers of assault and rape.Such a situation can be prevented by providing proper toilets which not only ensure good hygiene but also they are physically safe.They are not under stress and better hygiene will give them better health.The care of the family is upon them and if they do not have the proper basic amenities like a proper toilet they can not stay happy and healthy. Making a toilet available for Babli is the initiation of good health and safety for the whole family. Just as Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation said if you educate a woman you educate a family . Similarly when a woman is provided a clean toilet she is protected from the prying eyes, protected from bacteria and infections . Using a clean toilet gives her a healthier mental state and a healthier body. The social structure of our country is such that the women of our house holds are the focal point of the home. They tend to the children, cook ,clean and look after the entire household. Thus a healthier lady of the house and healthier and happier females would take care of the responsibilities better and more importantly would be an integral part in spreading the revolution of good hygiene. 
Domex is a flagship company of HUL and has taken the responsibility of spreading the word about the importance of clean and hygienic toilets. That’s not all they are also building toilets in the remotest of remote village. As part of this campaign called   #ToiletForBabli thet are going to build 20000 toilets by 2015 . The good part is that each one of us can be a part of this campaign. When we visit and show our support for this campaign. The company contributes Rs 5/- towards this compaign. So instead of complaining about lack of toilets it is much better to be part of this campaign and share the link with family and friends as there is not one Babli but thousands of them waiting for a clean toilet.
so lets be a part of  "You Click Domex Contributes" initiative at