Tuesday, 23 June 2015

A warm hug for my Super Hero Dad

Father is the first hero in every daughter's life. I am his little princess that what he calls me affectionately. He has given me the right education and taught me how to differentiate and recognize whets good and bad for me. With his excellent guidance I have learnt to live life with dignity. He taught me to live without complains and regrets. As a guiding star you have always stood by me and showed me path to glory. Thank you is merely small to really appreciate all your unconditional love and your support. My father was the first person whom I saw when I opened my eyes for the first time & truly I am in deep love with him since then. My dad is the most special person in my life. He supported me in all my decisions & has stood by me in all my tough times. If I can do something special for him then that would really mean a lot to me. I feel blessed to have a father like you in my life. As a kid riding on Papa's back was greatest and unmatchable fun. Papa's joy knew no bounds when he used to see big smile on my face. Love you Dad from the core of my heart. He is a person who sacrificed his life just to see me happy and content. He took me on several trips and showed me new places, sang goodnight rhymes and  shared his lunch plate with me. Thanks for everything papa. My Dad is my inspiration and Guide. Growing up, my Dad taught me many valuable lessons, specifically: to be kind to everyone and to never give up. These simple but important lessons have shaped my life in its entirety. My dad is the kindest man that I have ever met. I attribute much of who I am as a person to my Dad and I thank him for his dedication to our family. He is strong, yet sensitive. His family means the world to him, and he means the world
to me. Dad is the first man that I ever loved. He is my hero. His arms were the first place where I felt so safe and protected. I love you Dad and I always will. No one can replace you in my life. No matter what ever happens I will always love you. no matter how old I am, I will always be your little girl. He always said "Believe in yourself,  everything is possible, you can do it, you are special to your father, God is helping you in your decisions, Believe in yourself, even if others don’t." these inspiring words are still etched in my mind.

I am participating in the '#HugYourDad' activity for Vicks in association with BlogAdda.

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