Saturday, 20 June 2015

My home bids goodbye to bad odor

Our home forms an integral part of our life. It may be a one room tenement a 2 BHK apartment or a bigger apartment or house. In each case it stands for what we are and vice versa.  Home is not just a structure made from bricks, stone and mortar. It is a special place which resounds with sounds and our emotions give it a feeling. It is our nest a place where we take refuge; we relax and unwind after a hard day’s work. It is the place where we get up each morning feeling refreshed and ready to take on the new challenges that each day brings in with it. Our home gives us the feeling of security and here we feel cared for. Our home is our oyster with its walls not closing in upon us but giving us a space to breathe freely – our own personal space. It is the place where we can give vent to our emotions and live the life of our dreams. Here we are the master of all that we survey. We can unleash our creativity without fear of scorn or being reprimanded because after all it is our home. It is the centre stage to all the minor and major incidences of our life, a witness to all the happenings. Its walls are filled with sounds of our life and we can feel the home pulsating with them.
Sounds are not the only things that pervade our home. The other objects that sneak in knowingly or unknowingly are the various odors that fill our homes. The fragrance of the joss sticks early in the morning after the worship. The flavor of the coffee that wafts through the house and the browning smell of the crusty bread that lingers on.. Throughout the day the smell of the vegetables being cooked with their spicy ingredients the fresh smell of the roti being roasted and many other smells and flavors are present in my home. Any guest can make an easy guess as to what has been cooking. These are the smells which we create but there are those which enter our home through the windows and the doors. They come in mixed with the air, the smell of the burnt milk or the pungent smell of the condiments being used in our neighbor’s kitchen and stay on and on in our home.
I may try my best but there is no escape from these odors of cooked and burnt food that fill every nook and corner of my home. These stubborn odors caused many an embarrassing moment for me before my guests and relatives. My mother in law came for a visit and pursed her lips in disapproval. These odors have robbed my home of its freshness. I felt great despair when no effort of mine worked to eliminate these odors which were like a black mark against my otherwise immaculate home. The beauty of its d├ęcor made people say wow but the next moment they held their kerchiefs against their nose as the food odors hit them straight on.
Then I came to know about Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. It has unique odor fighting ingredients which eliminate Malodors by its Innovative Propellant System and keeps my home Fresh and Fragrant It has proved to be the answer to my need and now I can hold my head high before my friends and especially my mother in law as my home has now turned from being smelly to smiley.
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