Wednesday, 18 February 2015

A happy night makes a Happy Child

A happy night makes a Happy Child
Bedtime for my child has always been a very special occasion It has been a time of special bonding with my child when I had  it all to myself.A home without children is like a garden without flowers. My child’s presence lends an extra happiness to our home. His arrival has brought a great change in the household leading to a complete transformation in the ambiance. My child has become the center of attraction and all eyes and ears are always focused on it and its activities. The tiniest of sounds brings  people rushing to inquire and investigate.
This is what I experienced when I had my first born, there was an unsung  song in the house reverberating  from every corner. Every little action of my tiny tot was under strict surveillance of the hawk eyes of the senior members. Its needs were instantly attended to and its cries were a serious offense and a black mark against me. A record was maintained wherein the feed timings were religiously maintained.
Throughout the day there were many people around to take care but for me the best part of the day was when night drew near and I was all alone with it.I was constantly by its side and it was a great experience to watch its expressions which changed constantly. I loved to hold it in my arms and soothe its cries by talking to it and swaying it in my arms. It was a heavenly feeling to feel its cherubic face nestle close to me while clutching at my saree for support and protection. It was a nice feeling to be wanted. I took great care that it got its bed time feed on time or I would have to face the ire of my mother in law. Even I did not like to delay by even a second as it was so dear to me. The beatific expression on its face after the feed was a delight to behold and when I talked to him telling him stories of fairies and princes, he looked at me with an expression that said that he had understood every thing I had been telling him.He loved music as he dozed off as soon as I sang a lullaby to him. There was peace in the house as long as he slept and only then I could relax for a while. All my nights were spent in a vigil to see if he was sleeping in the dry as I knew that it would be a great irritant to his soft tender skin to sleep in a wet bed and spoil his beauty sleep. In spite of my best efforts there were many a times when I was awakened by his cries that told me that he was not dry and feeling uncomfortable on the wet sheet. Then I discovered Pampers baby dry pants an answer to our problem. It was just perfect with no hint of wetness on the outside and completely dry from the inside. It seemed like an answer to a mother’s prayer wanting to keep her loved one safe and dry. Now I need not worry about chaffing skin and rashes as it has a baby lotion to keep the skin soft and moisturized and both of us can sleep in peace. I with the knowledge that there would be no more wet nights for my beloved and he would not get up feeling grumpy and now all is well thanks to Pampers baby dry pants.Now I need not change the diapers again and again as Pampers baby dry pant gives mothers like me the freedom from having to change diapers several times as Pampers baby dry pant lasts for the entire night.Each Pampers baby dry pan can absorb up to 5 glasses of fluid from its surface and can keep the baby dry for up to 10 hours. It also gives freedom to my child to sleep undisturbed for longer hours without discomfort due to wet diapers.As a result my child is fresh and smiling in the morning.

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Top Five Wishes for life BefikarUmarBhar

I want to live the life that I have always dreamt of. I too have my hopes, dreams and aspirations that drive me to pursue my goals. I want a life without any constraints, with nothing to hold me back. I want to live #BefikarUmarBhar. Life can be long or short, happy or sad depending upon how you manage your affairs. It is a common belief that hard work holds the key to your success and achievements, but one usually forgets that all days are not equal and events and circumstances of life can turn all your plans topsy turvy. I can fill reams and reams with my wish list and still it would never end. So let me just list my five most important wishes that I would like to be a reality and bring a great change in my life enhancing the quality as well as style.
My first wish that tops the list is to have a lump sum of money that will not only double my happiness but also provide me security. It will also help me in realizing my wishes. With my wishes seeing the light of the day, I would be the happiest person.
My second wish is to own a house which has all the necessary amenities of life and is equipped with a personal swimming pool and a garden blooming with flowers which would be a pleasure to behold. A home is a priority because a roof that I can call my own is a must.It will not only provide security to me but also to my family.The tension of finding a house for rent will end and there would be no more hassles of constant shiftings. From the life of a nomad I will be promoted to that of a respectable home owner.
Owning a car comes third in my list, that too a car that is not too small and cramped for space but one well equipped with the latest gadgets and has plenty of space for me and my family, a car that has style and class and is good for the city as well as long distance travels.It will notch up my esteem as I would no longer be a commuter who is at the mercy of others.
I have always looked upon my friends with envy who went on foreign travels and had great stories to tell about their experiences. They are always looked upon with awe and respect in my friend’s circle. So it is an important wish for me too and my fourth wish on the list I too want to see foreign lands and experience them first hand. I have not been able to save enough to fulfill this desire of mine so far. I wish to travel and see as many countries as possible and as I love to meet and interact with people this would make me happy.I would be able to see different locales and also learn about different cultures.
My fifth wish.My family holds a very important and special place in my life. I want to give them all the luxuries of life as well as safeguard their happiness and keep them secure in the case of any eventuality in the future even when I am not there.I want them safe and secure now and in the future So I can live life #BefikarUmarBhar

Monday, 16 February 2015

Hair The Crowning Glory

Hair form an important and essential feature of my personality.They lend to my beauty and grace so it is very important for me to have good healthy hair.
At present I have long hair, they are soft and easy to manage.The only problem is that they lack volume and bounce. I want my hair to be glorious and healthy.
Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner seems to be an answer to my hair woes as it is enriched with the goodness of coconut,almonds and olive oil.The three of them will provide strength, nourishment and bounce to my hair.
The packaging is quite colorful and eye catching and the bottle is easy to hold and use.The fragrance is soft and pleasing

Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Ideal Valentine My ASUS ZenFone

What does a girl want in her ideal valentine. I am the kind of girl who wishes my valentine to be intelligent and with a mark of Intel inside, the ASUS Zenfone qualifies on that count. The ASUS Zenfone is powered by Atom 2520 processor this delivers a very good performance and at the same time has a good and powerful efficiency.All this is achieved without reducing the battery life. This quality makes the ASUS ZenFone to be chosen by me as my valentine.


The Interchangeable colorful cases

 I would surely like my valentine to be good looking and match my sense of dressing and apperance in the looks department.On this count the ASUS Zenfone scores well. It has interchangeable color cases that can be changed to personalise the looks of my ASUS Zenfone,so whatever be the color of my dress there would be a colorful case with ceramic touch that would go well with my outfit.It would surely make me the talk of the party circuit.

3 Being well dressed I would love to click selfies and videos of the people around me as they see me with my new valentine my ASUS Zenfone. The 13 MP HD camera would come in handy to capture the reactions of people when they see me with my valentine.

4 The five element optical formula lens enhances the picture quality of the photographs taken with the Zenfone camera. The sensors have the larger photo receptors and a wide aperture F/2.0 lens that is designed to get more light into the camera.This ensures that finner details are captured into each picture.This would transform me from a selfie wannabe to a selfie queen. Your valentine is supposed to make you feel special and my pictures clicked with my ASUS Zenfone camera do just that.


I am a person who cannot live without the internet nor can I live without talking to my friends.Playing the role of my perfect valentine the ASUS Zenfone is a dual sim phone. It offers network speeds of upto 42 MBPS DC-HSPA+ so I can enjoy smooth streaming of HD videos and other multimedia content.The dual sims also offers me the opportunity of having one sim dedicated to voice calls and the other for my data usage or better still I could do a mix and match to make the best use of different voice and data plans offered by different telecom companies.

 Its long lasting battery would ensure that our relationship consisting of voice calls, net surfing and enjoying games or multimedia content has no frequent recharge interruptions. It looks like its a win - win situation for me without any strings attached.

The bumper is a great protection to ensure that protection is offered against any fall and my beloved valentine that is the ASUS Zenfone is not hurt or break itself due to any careless or clumsy handling by me. All these features make the ASUS ZenFone my perfect valentine.

#UnconditionalLove Advert

Sunday, 1 February 2015

No fikar only Quikr NXT

Quikr has launched its new Quikr Nxt chat service that enables the buyers and sellers to connect using a chat feature.The chat feature by Quikr Nxt is a game changer that is going to change the way things would be bought and sold over the internet.I see it loaded with features such as

1 It helps the users keep their phone numbers private.Biggest advantage of this is that we users are protected from the unscrupulous online marketeers who are always on the lookout for people like us who post our personal details specially our phone numbers online.They then target us by inundating the owner of the phone number by numerous marketing phone calls selling various wares from credit cards to flats. Our phone number can also end up on a target list that is used to send bulk SMS’s . We are so wary of deleting these junk messages that are a drain on the battery and the space as well.

 2 The second biggest attraction of the chat feature is that it gives you the convenience of chatting and connecting with multiple prospective buyers or sellers at the same time.So the time is better utilized as in a phone call you can connect with only one person at a time.The chat feature gives you the flexibility of indulging in a chat at your convenient time.

3 Chat features have a chat log that maintain a track of all the conversations that you have had.This saves you a lot of time as it’s a ready reckoner for you to evaluate all the would be buyers and sellers.I find this feature very useful as I no longer have to note down the personal detail of every buyer and seller with whom I would like to take the negotiations to the next level.

I like the photo sharing feature very much it is a great time saver for both the buyer and the seller.For the buyer there are no surprises when he or she goes to see the product that he or she wants to buy as the pictures provides a realistic picture of the product.So he or she can make up their mind about the intended purchase and also negotiate the prices better.For the seller it means that more buyers get to see the condition of the product and he can get the best possible price.It is a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers.
It saves time,money, energy and makes the overall experience of interacting with a buyer and seller more productive and fruitful.I have experienced that after sharing the pictures of the product I want to sell over a chat only genuine and serious buyers approach me.This saves useful time.
So if you want to buy or sell anything do so online and there is no better  place then Specially with the Quickr NXT chat feature.

Defining my Grandma the unsung hero

I have always looked upon my grandmother as my role model. She has been my constant inspiration in all walks of life. She got married at quite a young age and as a result she could not finish her schooling. She got married into a big joint family and in spite of being quite well off, she was constantly on her feet ,doing some task or the other. Cooking,knitting and embroidery were her forte. She would knit beautiful lace shawls and making paintings for the walls using silk threads and velvet were her passion. She made up for the lack of her education by reading books on her own. She belonged to the olden era yet she was modern to the core.She was a firm believer in imparting education to the girl child because she believed that an educated girl could look after her family better.With this in mind she gave free tutions to the girls of the neighborhood. She was tiny and frail yet had the strength of steel. She never shied away from work and even tended personally to the cow who was there to provide milk for our daily needs. The surplus milk was distributed  by her to those who were not well off or those needing it as a medicine. I never saw her losing her cool.She was warm and affectionate and when she smiled her brown face lit up making her look beautiful.
Whenever I am faced with a difficult situation I always try and visualize her reaction to that situation and how she would have reacted and acted.It was her vision to impart education and skills to girls making them self reliant and financially independent.She had the habit of wrapping up the cut nails and throwing them in the dustbin, as she was afraid that the birds may not eat them accidentally.This tradition is still followed by me and my children till date. She was the true environmentalist in our family who loved planting herbs and other medicinal plants.This is another habit of her’s which we try to keep alive.

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I and my power of AND

When I was born I was a daughter to my parents, to my brother I was a sister and after marriage I became a wife, a daughter in law, a bhabhi, a mami a chachi and I don't know how many more labels were given to me .I was constantly put into one box or the other and expected to act accordingly.
I remember as a child my brother could do anything and everything that he wanted to do. He could go out and play with his friends, take cricket coaching, ride a bike and fly a kite. His life was full of AND's and he could at any time perform any role that he wanted to and take part in any activity that he wanted to indulge in. However for me it was always about being dutiful, learning about the household chores and remaining confined to roles and activities that were given to me . Perhaps this was the difference between a Boy and a Girl. I remember that ever since my early childhood it was always thought appropriate for me to act and obey the elders and do as I was told. As long as I adhered to the rules and the expectations set for a girl things were fine however when ever I tried to set foot across boundaries set for me things got difficult and I was never granted permission. When I wanted to learn to sing and dance I was denied permission by my grandmother who  thought that girls from good households did not indulge  in such activities . That was the first time I stood up for myself and presented my case to my grand father with the support of my mother . He was initially reluctant saying that I am a girl. To which I said yes, “I am a girl but also AND an individual “. Finally he relented and let me pursue singing and dancing classes. When I graduated out of college I wanted to work but my parents were of the opinion that I should get married first and then do things according to the wishes of my husband and In laws .However the rebel that I was I took the stand,Yes I am a girl  AND I am also educated. As an educated person I have the right to pursue a career and be financially independent. They finally let me work,were they convinced with my argument or they thought that a working girl will get a better groom, I am not very sure. Then I got a job at a school, where a proposal was put forward to train the girl students in self defense. The proposal was presented to the school principal who in turn presented it before the school board for approval approval. However the school board expressed its inability as it lacked the funds. After brainstorming it was decided to see if some of the teachers could be trained in this field who would in turn train the students. Now the proposal came to us teachers asking us to volunteer for this cause. I volunteered my name to which the principal showed his surprise and said, “but you are a girl”. By now I had got used to the you are a girl label . So I calmly replied "Yes I am a girl AND I would be the self defense trainer for the school". My resolve and determination convinced the principal that I was the right candidate for this job. Today I not only teach academic subjects but also impart self defense training to the girls and the first thing I teach them is to have the faith in themselves that they can defend and protect themselves in times of need. My mantra to each girl is "Yes you are a girl AND you have the ability to do anything that you want to be". Just break out of the label that people give you.  Once you step out of the box that people place you in, You can do this and that and everything you like and want to do.

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