Sunday, 22 March 2015

On the journey of discovery of smiles and Happiness

Happiness is a very precious thing and when we are happy we smile however a genuine smile is getting rarer by the day as we are spending more and more materialistic lives and running after material goods. Once I used to think that when ever I used to buy a new piece of jewelry  and flaunt it at parties or functions it made me happy as I felt good and smiled receiving those compliments. However this meant that I had to keep buying new jewelry and clothes for every party,function and this seemed quite an expensive proposition. Also the happiness it brought was temporary and would quickly be wiped out if and when I saw someone wearing newer or more beautiful design of jewelry,clothing  or footwear. Then one day looking at  myself in the mirror I discovered a new doorway to feel happy and smile. That is to reinvent my jewelry ,clothing and hairdo for a new look. This way I am not dressing up to look good for others but to please myself. I am able to achieve this by using my necklace as a " maang tikka" on my fore head  or as an armband. Even changing my hairstyle gives me a fresh and different look and the feel good factor associated with this experiment of change makes me feel happy and brings a smile to my face. As I have grown over years I find that the loving embrace of my children and when they tell me how much they love me brings me more joy and smiles then anything else. With a little daughter who looks like a doll when she dresses up and tries to put on all my jewelry and then asks me how she is looking brings me the ultimate happiness, joy and smiles. Now a days when all my family remains very busy throughout the week they get very little time to spend with each other or with me so on weekends and holidays or at  every meal time when we are all together and I cook their favorite dishes  in a healthy manner and they enjoy a hearty meal it makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. When I see my children happy and smiling I feel happy and smile. When they get success at school in studies or in co-curricular activities and when they come running happily and smiling to me to tell about their success and achievements it brings me happiness and makes me smile.  More than the physical and tangible things that bring us joy I have begun to get happiness and reasons to smile when I see my loved ones happy.  Every new day brings to me new reasons to smile. Early in the morning the chirping of the birds, the blooming of the flowers ,the laughter of the children in the garden all make me happy and bring a smile to my face. 

Monday, 16 March 2015

Singapore Food a reflection of its Soul

Food has a very important place in our lives. It is not just to fill our stomach and give us energy  in addition it interacts with our senses at different levels. Its colors draw our attention our eyes see its colors and its aroma entices our olfactory senses through our nose, its taste make us love it,tolerate it or reject it based on the sense of taste that it creates by virtue of stimulating our taste buds. On all these counts of sensory perception the food available in Singapore is designed to be nutritious,healthy and hygienic.I found the people in Singapore to be fit ,energetic and always on the move
The healthy Food that makes people in Singapore healthy and active

Singapore offers you so much. You can work hard during the day and then in the evenings you can enjoy a relaxing meal and chit chat with friends.

Talking about place to eat then there are plenty of choices from the roadside eateries to dine in's and takeaways.

 Every city and country have a soul,a culture and Singapore’s culture is about good food amongst other things. They delight you with food at every level. Look at the ingredients being sold on the streets. Some I could recognize and some were alien . I didn’t even know the names of so many of them .yet they looked delicious and inviting. With so much good looking and delicious food around I thought  that I have come to a food paradise.

For one you do not have to look around for food or places to eat there are plenty around at every nook and corner.  The best part is what ever is your food budget you are likely to find something or the other in it.

The  food is not only delicious but also very good to look at. If you are a foodie like me then you would surely feel that it is saying come and eat me.

With food choices from vegetarian to non vegetarian and an exhaustive list of sea food you are not likely to remain hungry in Singapore .

People go to Singapore for various reasons, however going to Singapore for checking out and tasting the food on offer is a reason enough to visit beautiful Singapore. My opinion is that the food there is a message of the soul of Singapore. It believe in feeding its guests with healthy, clean delicious and hygienic food and that is just what the food in Singapore is all about.

Disclaimer: All Memes created by me and photo's taken on my trip to Singapore

Saturday, 14 March 2015

Finding the magic of together

The day I discovered the power of #together my outlook of life changed dramatically. although we have to choose the path of our life and walk on it alone.
I had been the only child of my parents and greatly loved and cared for by them. I simply had to wish and that thing was mine. The magic of  #together infused in me a new strength, a new vision that was to be my life’s mantra forever, something I could never forget in a hurry. Life is a journey, a constant movement. The path of life is never simple or straight. It is neither smooth or as we want it to be. Our life has many ups and downs. No matter what we do there are many moments in our lives when we need the power of #together. No one can climb the mountain alone. I dedicated my spare time to my studies as I wanted to excel in everything I did. I had never faced failure so far and did not know what it tasted like.
I was confident that success would always kiss my feet. Being the studious type I usually scored the best marks in my class. I was carefree and happy. As I mentioned that the path of life is not always straight. I was soon going to discover this. Just a few months before my board exams there came a new student in my class. She was excellent in her studies and soon she out did me in performance and began to get better and better marks than me.
I felt the ground slipping from beneath my feet. I began to feel desperate and started forgetting whatever I had learnt for my pre board exams. I was becoming a mental wreck.
I was losing sleep and appetite as well. One day my best friend came to visit me and was greatly shocked to see me in this state. She suggested that we should go for a walk in the garden. There she caught hold of my hand and talked to me about our last picnic. The pleasant memories surged in me causing my tension to release. We laughed together and then sat silently holding hands watching the flowers, the bees buzzing around them. We could hear the rustle of the leaves as the wind gently passed through them. This was a miracle that told me that I was not alone. These moments of togetherness infused a fresh energy and hope in me. She had caused all the memories of the good things that had happened to me to revisit me. I felt a great burden off my shoulders and my sagging spirits lifted once again. With this new rediscovered vitality I started preparing for my exams and came out with flying colors thanks to that time that I had spent #together with my friend. I had the power and magic of being #together

Friday, 13 March 2015

Regaining the bounce

Ever since I started using Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner,I have noticed a considerable change in the quality of my hair..My hair has started regaining its bounce and my hair has increased in volume too.I feel that the regular use of Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner is the answer for all those who are facing hair problems like split ends,unmanageable hair,under nourished hair.I would recommend Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition shampoo and conditioner to my friends
who aspire to have soft and silky hair which has volume and bounce and is well nourished too.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Home is where my heart is

It’s a strange bond that we share with our home. When we move into a brick and mortar structure called a house we make it livable by furnishing it. We decorate it .Celebrate every festival in it. As time passes this house becomes our home and a strange bond is established. It is almost like a living member of the family with a distinct personality. I have lived in a number of houses around the country at various stages of my life and each one was quite different and in different parts of the city or the country however there is something common in all these homes that is they provided comfort and protection. I could say that they are like emotional cushions that support you and soothe you. I have witnessed that every time we moved to a new house it was better than the previous one in some form or the other and it enriched our lives in their own way. Another benefit of moving to a new house is that you make new friends and neighbors so in a few years of having shifted a couple of houses me and my parents had a wider circle of friends then what we would have  had we lived in just one house for all our lives. Of all the houses that I have lived in and the one I miss the most is the one I lived in when I got into the fifth standard. This was a bigger house then what we used to live in previously. The most important part for me was that it in this house I had a separate room to myself. A window that let in lots of light and cool fresh air. My study table was set next to it. This room became witness to all the hard work and late night studies that I did under its roof. I studied hard and topped my school as I could study undisturbed and concentrate for long hours. The fresh oxygen rich breeze kept my mind alert and eager to grasp and memorize whatever I was studying. Then I joined a top college in my city. As part of extra-curricular activities I joined the debating society in my college. For every debate that I delivered there was hours of practice and the terrace of my home was witness to every bit of hard work put into it as it not only offered me a wide space to pace around and learn my lines but also the privacy of trying out different expressions as I practiced the delivery of every debate that I had prepared away from the prying eyes of the neighbors, thanks to its tall walls. My home became the spring board that help me become a complete and balanced person and just as my school and college were instrumental in providing me with education. The various houses that I lived in presented me with a different social environment and taught me skills to interact with people from various backgrounds. Then when I graduated I got a job offer in another country. I was a girl just out of college and ready to embark on my life’s journey into the big world. My parents were apprehensive. However having lived in so many different cities and houses had given me the social skills to survive in a new environment So I took my big decision and moved to #StartANewLife to a new city and a new house. This moving out was to mark the beginning of an interesting journey in the course of my life.

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Life transforming moment of hope and optimism

This is my story of that one moment that filled me with hope and optimism and transformed my life forever
I have an elder sister who excels in what ever she does from sports to academics to co-curricular activities like dramatics ,dance and singing. Throughout my childhood I had been content to be her shadow and I felt great pride in doing so .My elder sister was greatly praised and admired by all the family members and acquaintances. Often there were comparison between her and my talents, however I was never jealous of her and stuck to my laid back attitude. I often joked with her that since she had been ahead of me in the queue she had been granted all the talent by god and since I being younger was behind her there was nothing left for me .Like so many households her things like clothes toys and books were passed on to me but there was one exception and that was her Ghunghroo’s or feet bells which she wore for her dancing sessions or  whenever she gave her performance. She did not allow me to even touch them as she held them very dear.
By the time I joined college she had already won several dance competitions and represented our college at various dance events. Being her younger sister was no mean task as people and teachers expected a lot of excellence and perfection from me as well. However I was indifferent to all this pressure and remained unperturbed by all this expectation and attention.

 It was the time of the year when we were about to host the college festival. My elder sister was the reigning champion in the classical dance section and everybody expected here to win the championship and retain her crown and bring laurels to the college. She was working very had on her dance steps and I watched every move of hers very closely. Then twenty days before the main competition she slipped and fractured her foot. Doctors  adviced her full rest. She could not even walk properly leave alone dancing,so her taking part in the dance competition was out of the question. This made the college principal greatly perturbed as she had been banking on my sister to win and bring glory to the college. However at this moment we were facing a situation when there was nobody to represent the college at the dance event. The situation was even more grave as we were the hosting college. There was very little time for anyone else to put together a winning performance.The teachers and the principal held a meeting to decide the further course of events. They came to the conclusion that they should put up a candidate to give a performance as a face saving gesture. No body was willing to  perform in place of my sister as they felt that they would not be able to do justice and live up to the standard of dance set up by my sister.When everyone had lost hope my sister spoke to the principal and proposed my name. When I saw a great crowd at the notice board I stopped and saw my name as the dance participant to represent our college. I was taken aback and rushed to my sister. Before I could say anything to her she took my hand and placed on them her precious Ghunghroo’s (Feet dancing bells). She patted me on the back and told me that I could do the impossible and win the dancing competition. She told me that she was confident that I would perform even better then her. This was a moment that made me step out of her shadow and instilled in me the hope and optimism to be a winner . Her words infused in me the desire to prove myself and bring glory to my sister and my college. I practiced day and night under the strict supervision of my sister. On the day of the competition when I went on stage I wanted to excel and live up to the expectations placed upon me by my sister. As soon as I completed my performance the hall resounded with loud claps and cheers. I was declared the winner with unanimous decision. This moment could be realized only because of that moment when my sister had put her faith in me and filled me with hope and optimism to do the impossible .Now I am an individual by myself ready to face the future.