Monday, 21 December 2015

Its your Right

A women or a girl is not just equal in every way to the men of the society but in a lot of ways she is a lot more. Be it as a daughter,a sister ,a mother or as a wife. She dons many hats and ensures the smooth working of the household and the society. She is the perfect multitasker who balances both the domestic front as well as the work pressures of office life. An act of sexual violence is an attack to violate and harm the fabric of our society . It is like pouring acid on the roots of a tree that gives you shade. It is not just a crime against and individual but a crime against morality, humanity and our right to call ourselves humans. Sexual Violence offenders are like the pests of our society that attack and try to destroy the structure of our society by committing the crime of the highest order.
So just like we use a pesticide to get rid of organisms that cause us harm so it is a must to take action against them to provide safety to us and our loved ones.

1)So just like we call the pest control guy to get rid of the pests we need a different type of pesticide to take care of the sexual violence offenders. Here we need the help of authorities and the police.
So get help and register a complaint.

2) The trauma faced by a sexual violence victim is unbearable and incomparable in itself. By not reporting the crime one only makes matters worse. It is like the tape of a nightmare that keeps playing repeatedly in the victims head further damaging the morale of the victim.
There is a possibility of an internal injury or an unwanted pregnancy for the victim of sexual violence. To avoid such issues a proper medical examination must be carried out and the culprit must be brought to book.

3) Do not have mercy on such people. If you do not report the matter then another way to interpret it is that you are silently supporting the attacker by not standing up against such a crime. By not reporting the act of sexual violence or delaying the reporting you are only giving the chance of the evidence of the crime being destroyed over time. It gives the offender the opportunity to erase and destroy the evidence or run away and hide only to get back and make you a victim again or cause you harm in other ways.
Besides do not forget that getting justice starts with the registering of an FIR with the police.
One can register a complaint via email or phone as well and thereafter go at a later point to register an FIR at a later time by visiting the police station.
An FIR against an act of sexual violence can be filed from any police station and it is not required to visit the police station that is the nearest to the scene of the crime.
A friend, witness too can file a complaint if the victim agrees to co-operate in the investigation.
In case the victim is physically or mentally challenged then the police would come and register the complaint themselves.
A lady police women would be present when the survivor files the complaint.
After filing the complaint the survivor is eligible to get a court appointed lawyer to argue the case.

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Know your Rights

You are important and so is your security so god forbid if you or anyone you care for is subjected to an act of sexual violence then it is of utmost importance to know what you should do in such a situation.

1.You Have a right to protect yourself. Sexual violence includes not just physical harm but other forms of harm as well. Ever since the law changed in 2013 a lot more is covered under this it. It covers a broad range  of offenses and not just sexual harassment. Even voyeurism and stalking is covered by this law. In quite a lot of cases the offenders are known to the victim and whenever you find a person approaching you inappropriately you can raise an alarm and register a protest. As being silent only encourages the offender to get bolder and make things more difficult for you as a person. If you feel that you are in distress or in need of help then either contact the police or raise an alarm. There are a number of apps so that can help you get help by connecting you with family or a trusted person. Keep the important numbers on speed dial so that you can immediately connect and get help

2. You Deserve to Get Justice.
This has two parts first is to avoid being the victim ,get help before such a crime happens and the very important part is to inform the police and the authorities. In a lot of cases the girl who is the victim does not know what to do. The first thing to be done is to register an FIR with the police.
The law states that the girl can file an FIR from any police station and need not be limited to going to the police station that is nearest to the scene of the crime .
One can register the complaint against sexual violence over phone or email also but to complete the FIR registration one must visit a police station.
An FIR can be filed by a friend, Witness or a family member of the victim. As long as they have the full consent of the survivor and the survivor must be willing to be part of the investigation later.
If the survivor is physically challenged then the police must visit the victim to register the FIR.As per the law the police cannot refuse to file the complaint and if a officer refuses then he or she can be punished. In the case of refusal to file a complaint, higher officers should be approached to file the complaint

3. Not standing for Justice gives the offenders the feeling that they s can get away with anything .
It only makes them stronger and gives them the encouragement to become repeat offenders.
Your silence is a punishment you should not give yourself as unless the offender is punished for his crime neither you nor your loved ones would be safe in our society. Raising your voice against such a crime and registering a complaint is the first step towards getting justice.

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Sunday, 29 November 2015

For keeping the baby's skin safe

Baby's are such wonderful things that they change the parents life completely. Just as they are finding their way around in this world so are the parents .Trying to figure out how to be a parent.
The first thing that we notice about a baby is its gentle touch and its delicate skin. One needs to be extra careful while cleaning or bathing the baby

1) It is a good practice to pat dry the baby after giving it a bath or cleaning it . Always use soft cloth towel so that it does not rub against the skin and cause a rash or irritation.

2) Talking of rashes most rashes are caused to a baby because of a diaper or a nappy that may have a hard fabric that rubs against the skin or more commonly due to a soap or detergent left in a nappy after a wash. Always take care that the nappy is properly cleaned and has no left over detergent. Never use strong chemical based detergents to clean the nappy.

The use of Pampers Premium Care Pants has a very soft cotton like touch and it does not cause irritation to the baby's skin. It has a very good liquid absorbing capacity so it keeps the baby dry for long hours thus protecting it skin and its gentle cotton like touch is #SoftestForBabySkin that keeps the baby snug and comfortable.

3)Use mild soap to clean and bathe the baby so that the chemicals in the soap may not irritate the baby's skin. Also  take care that the baby's clothes are washed using mild detergents and other people's clothes should not be washed with them. As far as possible sun dry the baby's clothes to kill any germs.

4) Use baby creams to keep the baby's cream moist. Sun is good for the baby but avoid taking the baby out when it is very hot outside. Cover the body with a towel and use clothes that do not bite the skin. Avoid synthetic clothes and cotton should be the fabric of choice for the baby's clothes.

If applying a sun screen use a product that is suitable for the baby's skin as far as possible keep the baby's skin free from the application of any cosmetics. A oil massage with olive oil, mustard oil or coconut oil is a good way to keep the baby clean and healthy.

5) As the baby grows it begins to move about so it is very important for the parent and the care giver to keep the cradle as well as the area in which the baby moves free from germs as well as remove any sharp objects that may cause cuts and bruises to the delicate skin of the baby.

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5 baby steps for a soft,smooth healthy baby skin

It is often advised to take a deep breath inhale,exhale to relax, for that's the way to let go of the stress, feel happy,healthy and stress free.The same holds true for our skin we must let it breathe and be healthy.What holds for us holds for our kids skin as well except for the fact that it is more gentle ,soft and delicate then adult skin. Yet it is this delicate covering of their body that needs to be protected and taken care of.
It is their protection.
Even a mild rub of the child's skin against a rough surface can cause an irritation,a rash or an allergy.
So it is extremely important to take good care of a child's skin from the moment it is born.
1.Right from birth arises the need to drape the baby with clothes. Select clothes that are soft to touch and let air reach the baby's skin so that the skin may breathe. Soft cotton garments should be the clothes to be picked up when choosing clothes for a baby. These let air pass through easily and also soak up any sweat during the summer time.
2. Baby care involves bathing and cleaning the baby and the use of baby soaps which do not have harsh chemicals should be chosen.After bathing and cleaning the baby care should be taken that the baby's skin is not rubbed harshly or it may lead to a rash.
3. Use moisturizers that are suitable for a baby's skin and apply it gently without hurting or causing any discomfort to the baby. In case the baby is made to sleep in the open a mosquito net can be used to protect it from insects, mosquitoes and provide a bit of shade from the heat and glare of hot summer sun.
Diapers are an integral part of a baby's life. In case a diaper is dirty or wet it can lead to discomfort to the little baby. This condition can also lead to the skin becoming tender and raw leading to a painful rash for the baby and often this causes the baby to cry incessantly. So it is extremely important to always use dry and clean diapers. All care should be taken that there is no soap or detergent left in the diaper other wise it would lead to a diaper or a nappy rash.
A useful alternative or addition are Pampers Premium Care Pants that can be used to keep the baby dry for long periods of time .There are a number of advantages of using Pampers Premium Care Pants over conventional and other diapers
a) I found that sometimes babies resist putting on and taking off the diapers .At times they may be asleep and make it difficult to change a diaper but a Pampers Premium Care Pants are both easy to put on and take off.
b) The Pampers Premium Care Pants stand out from other diapers due to its cotton-like softness which is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and the baby happy. ”
c) It has good absorption capacity so it keeps the baby dry for long hours .This way the baby remains dry and its skin healthy.

5. Avoid using perfumes ,deos and other chemical based products on baby's skin as they can lead to skin irritation. Any products used for the baby should be certified to be suitable for baby's use. Baby talc's which lack harmful chemicals can be dabbed on the baby's body so that it remains dry.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy  ”

Thursday, 8 October 2015

The phone that drives me on

I must confess that a camera is the first feature that attracts me to a phone. As I am an avid photographer who has realized that a good camera in a phone needs to be backed by a fast and powerful mobile processor and GPU to do justice to the images that we want to capture. You may have the best camera in the world but by the time you pick it up and focus the moment might already have passed and with it the image that you wanted to capture and could be lost forever. Now I have a breaking news for all those avid photographers including me.I have found three wonderful features in a phone that is fast and powerful powered by hexa-core snapdragon 808 processor that has a 1.8 GHz , 64 bit architecture and Adreno 418 GPU is designed to power the back and front camera of the LG NEXUS 5X camera and automatically becomes the camera phone of choice to capture a range of subjects from selfies to the surroundings. Even the dim light photographs live up to the expectations of a photographer like me who likes  picking up a camera and snapping a pic without any prior notice. A dedicated camera can be bulky and take time to initialize. There are lots of moments when a mobile phone comes in handy and scores over a conventional camera. Specially if the mobile camera is that of LG NEXUS 5X with its powerful camera that catches more light due to the Rear: 12.3 MP2; 1.55 μm; f/2.0 camera and Front: 5 MP camera so its difficult to miss and capture an image even if its in low light.
The second feature that makes me flip for the LG NEXUS 5X is the enhanced security. Our phone has a lot of private and confidential information and since we carry it with us always so it is exposed to a number of people and thus we are at risk of our information, messages and photographs falling into the wrong hands but not if you are a LG NEXUS 5X user for it is equipped with an enhanced yet simplified security interface that is NEXUS IMPRINT that is a strategically located finger print sensor located at the back side so that your personal information remains personal. Now NEXUS imprint would turn on the screen with one touch. So the apps open quicker and the phone becomes more responsive and quicker to operate. It incorporates measurements every time a user uses the phone.This makes NEXUS IMPRINT smarter with every use.

Thirdly since it is build on a robust snapdragon hexa-core 1.8 GHz 64 bit processor so you can do more with your phone in terms of the loading and switching between apps and share and searching photographs. Incidently the processor on this phone is faster than the one on my laptop that I am currently using.

The LG NEXUS 5X is designed to keep all the images and videos well organized so that one can view,search and share them with ease .We can search for an image in our phone based on places, and things in them. This makes it easy for the user to search for and share the images and videos.

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Friday, 2 October 2015

Then we lived healthy ever after

Then we lived happily ever after…
There was a time when my husband was physically very active be it swimming, going for walks, playing tennis or going for a jog he did it all. However after marriage as our life progressed he slowly took up a more sedentary lifestyle. With the passage of time the effect of this sedentary lifestyle bagan to show its effect as he started getting more and more busy with his professional life and had less and less time for his personal and sporty life. Slowly his well toned abs were giving way to a paunch and from a slim and trim dude he was growing into a middle aged man with a pot belly and his passion for sports and fitness was being replaced by his passion for food. Everyday he would ask me to prepare a new dish of his choice and as a dutiful wife I would carry out the cooking to suit hism palate and liking. Even though I felt that his indulgences in oily and fried foods were adding to the pounds he was piling up and his couch potato life style only added to the flab that he was accumulating so fast.
Then one day visiting the tailor with him I realized his waistline had outgrown his broad chest considerably and perhaps this was the cause of his lethargy and getting tired so frequently.
I visited the site and asked my husband to input his details and take the free online Weight-Heart Test

This test did a quick check on his BMI by putting in his height, weight and waist details. I realised his BMI was considerably higher then what it should be and this was putting him at great risk.

I wanted my husband back and so I started desperately thinking of getting him in to shape.I followed the instructions on the site and got to know about a diet plan and a walk plan that was detailed on the site.

I talked to him about the issue and he agreed that lack of exercise and a sedentary lifestyle were adding to his lack of fitness. I am cooking the food for him following the diet plan prescribed on the site. Looking at his condition I have realized the importance of good health so even I took the test on the site and am now following the instructions.
He tried beginning to exercise and going for walks but the inertia of a laid back lifestyle was too much for him to break. He tried a couple of times but could not get to follow a regular walk or fitness regime.
Our anniversary was just around the corner and as a gift for my husband I got him a puppy. The little pup is very active and as a result my husband is always on the move literally running around him. He has started going for  walks in the morning and evenings even though on a pretext of taking the pup of a walk. I have started accompanying him for 30 minute walks and every day we try to go further. Then we go to the park and exercise. While coming back home we take the stairs instead of the lift. Often we have a race to our second floor flat. I have promised him the day he beats me in this race I will give him the gift of his choice. He wants that I should start wearing western outfits and his part of the deal is that the day he gets back to his old fitter self and beat me in this race he would get the desired gift. This is the incentive that keeps him going. Together we are looking after each other and ourselves and progressing on the road to #ProtectHerHeart and live healthy ever after.

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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Paint it Right

Colors are also therapeutic and must be used judiciously to create moods within the home.
Take for instance the color green it is not just the color of nature but has a healing property so much so that it is used extensively in hospitals and by people in the medical field. So when so much can be done by playing with colors then why be limited to buying just about any bucket of paint and having it put on the walls. This random act of paint selection involves a lot of guess work and  often there are quite a few misses for example I wanted to surprise my sister by having her room painted in a her favorite color i.e Pink while she was away for a camp. Now looking at the small sample drop of paint on the bottom of the paint bucket ,baby pink to shocking pink and even rani pink appeared to be just the same however when the paint was put on the walls the baby pink left both me and my sister shocked and disappointed . So to take the guesswork out of home painting and to create themes that can be replicated in our homes. I use the #PaintFinder feature from the Bed Bath & More website
The best part is that it lets you decide the color combination and themes before you even buy a single drop of paint. Moreover once you buy a paint and have it used in the homes one is stuck with it. So a much better option is having the ability to choose the color and theme and see how it is going to look in the house.

Our homes are the chariot of our dreams. They are the vehicles in which we travel through the journey of our life. For me this journey needs to be celebrated and the best way of celebrating this journey is by using colors to brighten our homes and in turn our lives.

As Home is the place where our ideas about the future germinate and take root,It is also the place where our future generation i.e our little ones grow and get ready for the future.
For me growing up is letting our imagination run wild uninhibited and untamed so that it may explore the skies so inspired by the idea “”अपनी हो ज़मीन और अपना हो आसमान और बादलों पर चड़ कर जाएँ हम यहाँ वहाँ " ie “ Apni ho jameen aur apna ho aasman aur badlon par chad kar jayen hum yahan wahan” meaning may the earth be ours and so be the skies and we may ride the skies on clouds.I have chosen this theme. So that not just the children in the family identify with this theme but everyone relates to this idea of free spiritedness associated with childhood. After all within each one of us lives a child who needs to be pampered and nurtured .

Since nurturing creativity is the central theme of my life it is bound to be reflected in my home thus I have chosen this theme.

So irrespective of the fact that there are children present in our household or not there should be a section of our home that lets us connect with our inner child and the happy memories of childhood and the spirit that made us believe that everything is possible. Connecting with that spirit is central to my idea of decorating and painting my home.

In the conducive environment of a home the ties and bonds among st the family members get stronger and together they nurture the relationships that form a support system for each other that lasts a life time.

A firm believer in the adage that a family that eats together stays together I want to use the earthy browns in the dining area of the house. As I would love the idea of my family members being connected to each other and rooted at the same time. They need to be grounded and in sync with the elements of nature. Earth being the one that supports and brings stability in our lives . It also provides us with fertile soil that give us food.So the theme for the dining area is an ode to the earthiness that will bring a firm resolve, righteousness and keep us all connected and together.

In creating such a conducive environment within our homes colors play an enormous role. Not just each color signifies a certain aspect but also has an effect on the mood and environment within the house.
 With the #PaintFinder feature from the Bed Bath & More website   I am able to compare similar shades offered in the same color by various brands and also get to know as to how much paint would be required to cover a certain area.

So the #PaintFinder from   Bed Bath & More 
is a great opportunity and tool  for the family to sit together and imaging together ,visualize and see the home of their dreams take color right before their eyes that too at the click of a mouse! 

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Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Dancing to the tune of Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda

When ever I see Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda sing and dance on the #MaxFresh song
 I can't stop myself from appreciating the pulsating energy of the song and the dance ritual that
they perform. It is a mind blowing performance which without fail makes me sway to the music and energizing me to attempt the impossible, to be able to dance like Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda.
Their dance moves are filled with freshness and energy.
No matter how many times I watch the video I never get tired of the dance and the song that
plays along. The song and dance sequence is like a ray of sunshine and I am always ready to dance no matter what ever the hour of the day it is. The pulsating music just makes me get up dancing
This Allu Arjun and Anushka Manchanda’s song and dance sequence is like a fix of high energy and refreshing experience and quite a heady mix.
 It has become a great favorite of mine that I am using it as my ring tone
so that when ever it rings it makes me feel energized and now there is no dull or boring moment in my life. When it comes to dancing I must confess I am no match to Allu Arjuns dancing.
Yet I cannot help but tap my feet to this song. The dancing style that I have tried to emulate is one
that is almost lost now a days. It used to be the way my grandmother and other ladies of the family
 used to dance .The emphasis used to be on gentle hand movements.
Here is my dance routine.

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Sunday, 12 July 2015

Massaging Your Baby To Health

Celebrations were in the air when the news spread that a new member was going to come in our household. I had become the focus of attention. My diet was a matter of great importance as it was going to affect the health of my new born. Great preparations were made with lots of stitching of new dresses and knitting of woolens getting ready for the baby. The great day dawned and the little one came with lots of fanfare and distribution of sweets.
Now the focus shifted on to the care and nourishment of the little member who had become the most important member of our home. He was like royalty and every one came in turns to pay their respect.
I was now loaded with advice on child care. My friends my relatives, my mother and of course my mother in law gave me a long list of what I must do. On the top of the list was the word massage written in bold letters indicating that it was imperative for me to massage my baby without fail.
Every one told me that massage was most important for the growth and nourishment of my little one. Now was the question of selecting the oil for giving that massage as nothing but the best would do for my little prince something that was just perfect. There were lots of choices and lots of discussions were held in deciding the brand of oil to be selected. Although my mother in law was quite old fashioned she came up with the name of Dabur Baby oil. Dabur has been in the market for years and is well known for its products all over the country. They have come up with innovations keeping in mind the need of the people. Similarly this oil has been made after having passed the tests of the dermatologists. After all it concerns the well being of our little ones and their tender skins. This oil is a unique blend of almond oil and olive oil. Both these oils are good for providing nourishment to our little ones and also keeping their tender skins soft and supple. The most important thing is that no artificial colors have been used and they are Paraffins and Parabens free.
I started using this oil for massaging my baby and found my little one relishing this massage and the attractive packaging kept him happy and playful. I have noticed that the young ones are high energy spenders as their body is always in action with their limbs constantly in motion. Now I am happy that this oil will match with their active life.
With healing and balancing powers, massages can prove beneficial to the little ones. We the mothers enjoy giving our beloveds that much needed massage and they in turn enjoy this relaxing exercise which not only relaxes them but also stimulates them making them action ready. A massage is a must for the new born, the toddlers and all the young ones in a growing phase. So all you mothers shed your worries and adopt Dabur Baby oil in your daily routine to keep your child healthy.
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Saturday, 11 July 2015

Tender care for baby with Dabur

We have all experienced this stage in our life when we were infants or toddlers. Our mother or grandmother has held us in their arms or placed us on a mat or rug and massaged us from head to toe. This exercise gave them intense satisfaction because they knew the importance of massage. They were also aware of the benefits bestowed by massage to their young ones. Massage not only relaxes the child but also gives strength to the muscles. The body of an infant or a toddler is in a constant state of growth. Their limbs are growing in size and it is believed that massage provides strength to these growing limbs. Massage oils were prepared at home with great care keeping the baby in mind.
Now Dabur has introduced massage oil especially for babies. Great care has been kept in mind in selecting the ingredients like Olives and Almonds. Baby Massage Oil is made from a blend of premium natural oils taken from Olives & Almonds which provide the baby the required nourishment. Olives are known to provide nourishment to the baby’s skin and Almonds are known to gently moisturize the baby’s delicate skin making it soft and supple.
Dabur Baby as a Brand has focused exclusively on products which have been developed using natural ingredients. These products are safe and provide nourishment to babies. These products have been created after extensive research and by understanding the essential need for the baby’s tender skin and hair. Dabur ensures you that safe practices are being utilized in designing these products.
Dabur uses only the safest of the ingredients and processes in the development of Dabur Baby products. Dabur Baby also prohibits the use of any form of artificial colors in any of its products and the Dabur Baby products are Paraffin and Paraben Free, unlike other baby products which are present in the market
Now we the mothers and care takers of the little ones need not feel harassed and spend hours in the preparation of massage oil keeping in mind the delicate skin and also the need of our bundles of joy. Our primary concern is their health and happiness. We want to see them growing strong. So keeping in mind the desire of us the mothers and the needs of our cherubic imps Dabur has introduced massage oil made up of natural oils like Almond and Olive. This oil not only provides nourishment to the baby’s skin
But also gently moisturizes baby's delicate skin making it soft and supple.
It is safe to use as it is Paraffin free with no artificial colors
And above all it has been tested by Dermatologists.
Just imagine the look of contentment on the baby’s face when you will massage your beloved one with this oil. You will be amply rewarded when you see your little one growing well without any stress or strain. The regular use of this oil will reap benefits in the form of nourishing the tender skin as well as keeping it supple. The pack is attractively designed to keep your little one engrossed while you give him or her daily dose of nourishment.
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Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My playlist is ready get ready to groove

I am a fun loving party person and the unofficial DJ at many a parties. My fiends love my sense of music and here is a playlist of mine that is my current favorite and I plan to use it to build up the party momentum till it reaches the crescendo by the time we reach the number ten in my song list.
1)There was a time when Rang barse bhigi chunarira song featuring Amitabh and Rekha from the movie Silsila used to be a hot number that people used to groove to at every party, wedding, Sangeet or music jam session. Even though the song still remains an all time favorite for its masti , free flowing masti and the spirit of dancing and singing as if there is no tomorrow but over the years a number of other songs have been added  to the list . Here are the rest of the songs that make up my list.
2)The Angrezi Beat song from the movie Cocktail is a such a foo ttapping number that people just cannot stop dancing to it at any function. Even though the lyrics are in Punjabi and may not be understood by many but the wonder music by Pritam makes it such a powerful song that just put on this song on at any venue from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari and you would find even people with two left feet groove to it.  
3)The Dilli wali girlfriend song from the movie Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani has the backdrop of a wedding .Once again the musical genius unleashes his creativity to come up with such a wonderful song that has so much freshness and masti in its DNA that it is a must have in any ones party playlist. The sensational singing of Arijit Singh and Sunidhi Chauhan makes it a all time chart buster.

The Saddi Gali song from Tanu Weds Manu feature Kangna and R Madhawan can be classified as the typical Punjabi song that is high on energy song with easy to follow dance moves

5)There was a hit film called Jab we met and the moment I say this you are probably reminded of the hit song Mauja hi Mauja . Again a song with hindi and Punjabi lyrics but the music and the beats make it a compelling choice to be added to the playlist.
London Thumakda is from the Kangana Ranaut starrer movie Queen.It is a punjabi style number which has a lot of energy flowing with it so whenever I want to make people get up and dance I just play this number
Ainvayi Ainvayi number from the run away success movie Band Baaja Baaraat. It is Peppy,Its fun and great for dancing  be it alone or in a group. Don't bother about the moves just get up and start dancing. This is that kind of a song
8)There is this song from the Sonam Kapoor starrer movie called Aisha it has all the trappings of a wedding song . It is easy to dance to and is a fun song. A nice dance number that is my favourite
9)There was a film called Dostana. No I am no talking about the Amitabh Bachchan starrer movie but the Abhishek Bachchan and John Abraham starer  and the song is Desi Girl .Its so much fun to see every one get up and dance to this song.
10) On number ten or shall I say numero uno as I was saving the latest hit for the last is the Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun. It is high energy dance number with hot and sizzling chemistry that is here to take the dance floor like a storm
It has a peppy music and equally enticing dance moves. So I welcome the latest chart buster and a must have in any music lovers playlist

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Sunday, 5 July 2015

A wedding round the corner the gifts are sorted

Attending a wedding ceremony has two sides to it, the wedding which is fun in terms of wearing and flaunting your clothes, outfits and accessories and gorging on the food on one side and on the other side is the issue of gifting. At times we want to play it safe and don’t want to experiment with the choice of gift but looking at the article
I feel we have the opportunity to make a wedding gift personal and special for the couple getting married so exploring the article I feel  the one area which gives the a lot of choices is the kitchen design gifts. From cookware to dishes ,baking tools ,table linens there are quite a few things the couple would need as they start a new life together. Giving them a gift from this category seems perfect . Even after many years a couple maintains and cherish the dinner sets and other crockery that they got on their wedding and even fondly remember the person who gave them the gift that helped them start their new life.
When it comes to the customizing part and personalizing them the tips include adding monogrammed recipe cards or  a family cookbook or to get them started in the cooking department a  his and hers aprons would surely do the job that would surely remind them that they are equal participants and equally responsible for running the kitchen.The article  offers an  interesting idea that if you select a particular wedding gift  like a crisp and dip serving tray than it could be  paired with two of your favorite salsas and a bag of crisps. An important note here is that any eatables included should be non-perishable in nature and should have a long shelf life. A good point I must admit that I never thought of.
For any newly wedded couple setting up their bedroom creates a number of opportunities.
From scented candles to linens to decorative lamps the choice and opportunities to select a wedding gift from this category is almost endless. The articles suggests that adding some scented items to the list can help scent up their lives quite literally.
Surely the writer understands the importance of setting up a nice bathroom for the newly weds. So the suggestion pf bathroom linens with monograms to give a personalized and exclusive feel to the gift. Towels, bath mats ,shower curtains and bathroom organizational items form the other items that can be given as wedding gifts . These bathroom gifts for the newly wedded couple can further be personalized by the addition of a basket of towels, scented soaps and custom decorated hand mirror.
By the time I felt that the article had helped me getting the dilemma of wedding gift sorted out the author had another surprise for the reader in terms of packing the gifts.
The article talks about adding an extra something as part of the wrapping that the bride and groom would find very useful .The post suggests using decorative storage bins or baskets in packing the gifts or adding that extra apron while packing that the new couple are going to find very useful around the house. I must admit that a lot of thought has gone in writing this article and it brings to the fore new gifting ideas for the wedding season
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