Sunday, 21 June 2015

Bonding with my mother inlaw with Ambi Pur

I love my home as I feel that my home gives me an identity. It is a reflection of my personality. I am very involved in keeping my home spick and span. I take all measures to make my home beautiful. So I have arranged all the spaces according to their use. I have taken care to match the curtains with the color of the sofas. There is no clash of colors. In fact the sofas and the curtains along with the central rug add to each others beauty. There is a mix of ruddy hues to give a warm glow to the room so that my visitors feel welcome. Net curtains on the windows give it an airy look.I have chosen the color scheme very carefully.
My bedroom is also another source of happiness for me. Every thing is picture perfect from the bed linen to the embellishments and other accessories. It is my perfect dream bedroom.
Another hub of activity in my home is my kitchen. It is a place where I usually spend most of my time. I like to keep my kitchen well equipped with the latest gadgets, well scrubbed and spotless.
The dining space is bright and shining with the use of red mahogany. This space is the most used one as all the family members gather together for breakfast and all the meals. This is the most central part of my home and witness to all our family get together moments and all celebrations small and big. So I have purposefully kept this area looking bright and cheerful
Every thing is pretty perfect so where is the draw back. The chinks in the armor are the tall big windows that look out of the dining area. They look so majestic and beautiful yet they give me several agonizing moments. Just outside on the road facing them is a huge garbage dump. Passersby use them and every one in the neighborhood dumps their waste over here. As a result a horrible stench wafts in through the windows and fills my home. I am forced to keep the windows closed at all times of the day as well as the night.
Just when I was experiencing this problem I received a message that my mother in law was going to visit me for a few days. I was in the throes of despair as I knew that my mother in law was a very strict task master and would not tolerate any type of stink .I was afraid that she would find fault in my house keeping and without my being at fault would consider me as a culprit. The day came when she did arrive and I was scared of what was going to happen. It was her habit to open all the windows to let in light and fresh air and when she opened the dining area windows she was in for a rude shock when she was hit by the stink of the garbage. She went and examined each and every corner of the house but could not find any thing amiss. She was confused and looked at me questioningly. I took her to the window and told her about the garbage dump so nearby which made it impossible for me to keep the windows open. That day she went to the market and bought Ambi Pur Air Effects Spring & Renewal Aerosol Air Freshener. It has unique ingredients that fight odor which eliminate Malodors by its Innovative Propellant System. Thanks to it now I open my windows and keep my home Fresh and Fragrant
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