Thursday, 22 September 2011

Romy's moonlight escapade

Romy came to me after six months of my marriage when my inlaws got transferred to another city.He was quiet and indifferent and not much attached to me.Soon he started listening to me but was scared stiff of my husband.Night escapdes were his forte and he would rush out of the back door as night fell only to return in the morning.One evening we noticed him behaving strangely.It was the night of the full moon.He rushed out as if possessed and was soon engulfed in the wild growth adjoining our house.Then we saw him standing under a huge tree quite a distance away looking up at the moon.Suddenly he started howling and went on at regular intervals.With morning he sneaked in and rushed up the stairs and hid under the bed on the balcony.We locked the door and fearfully placed a cup of water near him through the window as it is said that when a dog turns insane it does not drink water.luckily it sipped the water.After some days my sister inlaw passed it to her friend.A few months later I came to know that her friend had him put to sleep due to his strange behaviour putting an end to his moonlight sojourns.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Goan Romance

The more you see of Goa the more you fall in love with it.The beaches are simply breathtaking and the people nice and helpful.The cashewnuts and feni are a must buy as also a trip to old Goa

Friday, 21 January 2011

The changed face of Delhi

If a city could speak then Delhi would have volumes to speak about.With Tne influx of different communities in search of work and a better lifestyle.The population rose in numbers and continues to swell.There has been a great surge in construction of new buildings,as a result leading to congestion and pollution.On the other hand Delhi has become more beautiful by way of huge flyovers and speedier transport with the Metro rail.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Delhi as it was in the 40's

I have heard much about what Delhi was like in the 40's from my father.The walled city was the main area and densely populated.The only mode of transport was the tonga which would take you from Old delhi to the sparsely populated much greener New Delhi popularly known as Raisina.My father used to go to his North Block office on his bicycle,which was tended with great care.The whole length of Chandni Chowk was dotted with shops selling different wares,interspersed with sweets and chaat shops.It was a complete world.