Monday, 21 December 2015

Its your Right

A women or a girl is not just equal in every way to the men of the society but in a lot of ways she is a lot more. Be it as a daughter,a sister ,a mother or as a wife. She dons many hats and ensures the smooth working of the household and the society. She is the perfect multitasker who balances both the domestic front as well as the work pressures of office life. An act of sexual violence is an attack to violate and harm the fabric of our society . It is like pouring acid on the roots of a tree that gives you shade. It is not just a crime against and individual but a crime against morality, humanity and our right to call ourselves humans. Sexual Violence offenders are like the pests of our society that attack and try to destroy the structure of our society by committing the crime of the highest order.
So just like we use a pesticide to get rid of organisms that cause us harm so it is a must to take action against them to provide safety to us and our loved ones.

1)So just like we call the pest control guy to get rid of the pests we need a different type of pesticide to take care of the sexual violence offenders. Here we need the help of authorities and the police.
So get help and register a complaint.

2) The trauma faced by a sexual violence victim is unbearable and incomparable in itself. By not reporting the crime one only makes matters worse. It is like the tape of a nightmare that keeps playing repeatedly in the victims head further damaging the morale of the victim.
There is a possibility of an internal injury or an unwanted pregnancy for the victim of sexual violence. To avoid such issues a proper medical examination must be carried out and the culprit must be brought to book.

3) Do not have mercy on such people. If you do not report the matter then another way to interpret it is that you are silently supporting the attacker by not standing up against such a crime. By not reporting the act of sexual violence or delaying the reporting you are only giving the chance of the evidence of the crime being destroyed over time. It gives the offender the opportunity to erase and destroy the evidence or run away and hide only to get back and make you a victim again or cause you harm in other ways.
Besides do not forget that getting justice starts with the registering of an FIR with the police.
One can register a complaint via email or phone as well and thereafter go at a later point to register an FIR at a later time by visiting the police station.
An FIR against an act of sexual violence can be filed from any police station and it is not required to visit the police station that is the nearest to the scene of the crime.
A friend, witness too can file a complaint if the victim agrees to co-operate in the investigation.
In case the victim is physically or mentally challenged then the police would come and register the complaint themselves.
A lady police women would be present when the survivor files the complaint.
After filing the complaint the survivor is eligible to get a court appointed lawyer to argue the case.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

Know your Rights

You are important and so is your security so god forbid if you or anyone you care for is subjected to an act of sexual violence then it is of utmost importance to know what you should do in such a situation.

1.You Have a right to protect yourself. Sexual violence includes not just physical harm but other forms of harm as well. Ever since the law changed in 2013 a lot more is covered under this it. It covers a broad range  of offenses and not just sexual harassment. Even voyeurism and stalking is covered by this law. In quite a lot of cases the offenders are known to the victim and whenever you find a person approaching you inappropriately you can raise an alarm and register a protest. As being silent only encourages the offender to get bolder and make things more difficult for you as a person. If you feel that you are in distress or in need of help then either contact the police or raise an alarm. There are a number of apps so that can help you get help by connecting you with family or a trusted person. Keep the important numbers on speed dial so that you can immediately connect and get help

2. You Deserve to Get Justice.
This has two parts first is to avoid being the victim ,get help before such a crime happens and the very important part is to inform the police and the authorities. In a lot of cases the girl who is the victim does not know what to do. The first thing to be done is to register an FIR with the police.
The law states that the girl can file an FIR from any police station and need not be limited to going to the police station that is nearest to the scene of the crime .
One can register the complaint against sexual violence over phone or email also but to complete the FIR registration one must visit a police station.
An FIR can be filed by a friend, Witness or a family member of the victim. As long as they have the full consent of the survivor and the survivor must be willing to be part of the investigation later.
If the survivor is physically challenged then the police must visit the victim to register the FIR.As per the law the police cannot refuse to file the complaint and if a officer refuses then he or she can be punished. In the case of refusal to file a complaint, higher officers should be approached to file the complaint

3. Not standing for Justice gives the offenders the feeling that they s can get away with anything .
It only makes them stronger and gives them the encouragement to become repeat offenders.
Your silence is a punishment you should not give yourself as unless the offender is punished for his crime neither you nor your loved ones would be safe in our society. Raising your voice against such a crime and registering a complaint is the first step towards getting justice.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”