Sunday, 12 July 2015

Massaging Your Baby To Health

Celebrations were in the air when the news spread that a new member was going to come in our household. I had become the focus of attention. My diet was a matter of great importance as it was going to affect the health of my new born. Great preparations were made with lots of stitching of new dresses and knitting of woolens getting ready for the baby. The great day dawned and the little one came with lots of fanfare and distribution of sweets.
Now the focus shifted on to the care and nourishment of the little member who had become the most important member of our home. He was like royalty and every one came in turns to pay their respect.
I was now loaded with advice on child care. My friends my relatives, my mother and of course my mother in law gave me a long list of what I must do. On the top of the list was the word massage written in bold letters indicating that it was imperative for me to massage my baby without fail.
Every one told me that massage was most important for the growth and nourishment of my little one. Now was the question of selecting the oil for giving that massage as nothing but the best would do for my little prince something that was just perfect. There were lots of choices and lots of discussions were held in deciding the brand of oil to be selected. Although my mother in law was quite old fashioned she came up with the name of Dabur Baby oil. Dabur has been in the market for years and is well known for its products all over the country. They have come up with innovations keeping in mind the need of the people. Similarly this oil has been made after having passed the tests of the dermatologists. After all it concerns the well being of our little ones and their tender skins. This oil is a unique blend of almond oil and olive oil. Both these oils are good for providing nourishment to our little ones and also keeping their tender skins soft and supple. The most important thing is that no artificial colors have been used and they are Paraffins and Parabens free.
I started using this oil for massaging my baby and found my little one relishing this massage and the attractive packaging kept him happy and playful. I have noticed that the young ones are high energy spenders as their body is always in action with their limbs constantly in motion. Now I am happy that this oil will match with their active life.
With healing and balancing powers, massages can prove beneficial to the little ones. We the mothers enjoy giving our beloveds that much needed massage and they in turn enjoy this relaxing exercise which not only relaxes them but also stimulates them making them action ready. A massage is a must for the new born, the toddlers and all the young ones in a growing phase. So all you mothers shed your worries and adopt Dabur Baby oil in your daily routine to keep your child healthy.
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