Sunday, 5 July 2015

A wedding round the corner the gifts are sorted

Attending a wedding ceremony has two sides to it, the wedding which is fun in terms of wearing and flaunting your clothes, outfits and accessories and gorging on the food on one side and on the other side is the issue of gifting. At times we want to play it safe and don’t want to experiment with the choice of gift but looking at the article
I feel we have the opportunity to make a wedding gift personal and special for the couple getting married so exploring the article I feel  the one area which gives the a lot of choices is the kitchen design gifts. From cookware to dishes ,baking tools ,table linens there are quite a few things the couple would need as they start a new life together. Giving them a gift from this category seems perfect . Even after many years a couple maintains and cherish the dinner sets and other crockery that they got on their wedding and even fondly remember the person who gave them the gift that helped them start their new life.
When it comes to the customizing part and personalizing them the tips include adding monogrammed recipe cards or  a family cookbook or to get them started in the cooking department a  his and hers aprons would surely do the job that would surely remind them that they are equal participants and equally responsible for running the kitchen.The article  offers an  interesting idea that if you select a particular wedding gift  like a crisp and dip serving tray than it could be  paired with two of your favorite salsas and a bag of crisps. An important note here is that any eatables included should be non-perishable in nature and should have a long shelf life. A good point I must admit that I never thought of.
For any newly wedded couple setting up their bedroom creates a number of opportunities.
From scented candles to linens to decorative lamps the choice and opportunities to select a wedding gift from this category is almost endless. The articles suggests that adding some scented items to the list can help scent up their lives quite literally.
Surely the writer understands the importance of setting up a nice bathroom for the newly weds. So the suggestion pf bathroom linens with monograms to give a personalized and exclusive feel to the gift. Towels, bath mats ,shower curtains and bathroom organizational items form the other items that can be given as wedding gifts . These bathroom gifts for the newly wedded couple can further be personalized by the addition of a basket of towels, scented soaps and custom decorated hand mirror.
By the time I felt that the article had helped me getting the dilemma of wedding gift sorted out the author had another surprise for the reader in terms of packing the gifts.
The article talks about adding an extra something as part of the wrapping that the bride and groom would find very useful .The post suggests using decorative storage bins or baskets in packing the gifts or adding that extra apron while packing that the new couple are going to find very useful around the house. I must admit that a lot of thought has gone in writing this article and it brings to the fore new gifting ideas for the wedding season
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