Sunday, 29 November 2015

5 baby steps for a soft,smooth healthy baby skin

It is often advised to take a deep breath inhale,exhale to relax, for that's the way to let go of the stress, feel happy,healthy and stress free.The same holds true for our skin we must let it breathe and be healthy.What holds for us holds for our kids skin as well except for the fact that it is more gentle ,soft and delicate then adult skin. Yet it is this delicate covering of their body that needs to be protected and taken care of.
It is their protection.
Even a mild rub of the child's skin against a rough surface can cause an irritation,a rash or an allergy.
So it is extremely important to take good care of a child's skin from the moment it is born.
1.Right from birth arises the need to drape the baby with clothes. Select clothes that are soft to touch and let air reach the baby's skin so that the skin may breathe. Soft cotton garments should be the clothes to be picked up when choosing clothes for a baby. These let air pass through easily and also soak up any sweat during the summer time.
2. Baby care involves bathing and cleaning the baby and the use of baby soaps which do not have harsh chemicals should be chosen.After bathing and cleaning the baby care should be taken that the baby's skin is not rubbed harshly or it may lead to a rash.
3. Use moisturizers that are suitable for a baby's skin and apply it gently without hurting or causing any discomfort to the baby. In case the baby is made to sleep in the open a mosquito net can be used to protect it from insects, mosquitoes and provide a bit of shade from the heat and glare of hot summer sun.
Diapers are an integral part of a baby's life. In case a diaper is dirty or wet it can lead to discomfort to the little baby. This condition can also lead to the skin becoming tender and raw leading to a painful rash for the baby and often this causes the baby to cry incessantly. So it is extremely important to always use dry and clean diapers. All care should be taken that there is no soap or detergent left in the diaper other wise it would lead to a diaper or a nappy rash.
A useful alternative or addition are Pampers Premium Care Pants that can be used to keep the baby dry for long periods of time .There are a number of advantages of using Pampers Premium Care Pants over conventional and other diapers
a) I found that sometimes babies resist putting on and taking off the diapers .At times they may be asleep and make it difficult to change a diaper but a Pampers Premium Care Pants are both easy to put on and take off.
b) The Pampers Premium Care Pants stand out from other diapers due to its cotton-like softness which is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and the baby happy. ”
c) It has good absorption capacity so it keeps the baby dry for long hours .This way the baby remains dry and its skin healthy.

5. Avoid using perfumes ,deos and other chemical based products on baby's skin as they can lead to skin irritation. Any products used for the baby should be certified to be suitable for baby's use. Baby talc's which lack harmful chemicals can be dabbed on the baby's body so that it remains dry.

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