Sunday, 27 September 2015

Paint it Right

Colors are also therapeutic and must be used judiciously to create moods within the home.
Take for instance the color green it is not just the color of nature but has a healing property so much so that it is used extensively in hospitals and by people in the medical field. So when so much can be done by playing with colors then why be limited to buying just about any bucket of paint and having it put on the walls. This random act of paint selection involves a lot of guess work and  often there are quite a few misses for example I wanted to surprise my sister by having her room painted in a her favorite color i.e Pink while she was away for a camp. Now looking at the small sample drop of paint on the bottom of the paint bucket ,baby pink to shocking pink and even rani pink appeared to be just the same however when the paint was put on the walls the baby pink left both me and my sister shocked and disappointed . So to take the guesswork out of home painting and to create themes that can be replicated in our homes. I use the #PaintFinder feature from the Bed Bath & More website
The best part is that it lets you decide the color combination and themes before you even buy a single drop of paint. Moreover once you buy a paint and have it used in the homes one is stuck with it. So a much better option is having the ability to choose the color and theme and see how it is going to look in the house.

Our homes are the chariot of our dreams. They are the vehicles in which we travel through the journey of our life. For me this journey needs to be celebrated and the best way of celebrating this journey is by using colors to brighten our homes and in turn our lives.

As Home is the place where our ideas about the future germinate and take root,It is also the place where our future generation i.e our little ones grow and get ready for the future.
For me growing up is letting our imagination run wild uninhibited and untamed so that it may explore the skies so inspired by the idea “”अपनी हो ज़मीन और अपना हो आसमान और बादलों पर चड़ कर जाएँ हम यहाँ वहाँ " ie “ Apni ho jameen aur apna ho aasman aur badlon par chad kar jayen hum yahan wahan” meaning may the earth be ours and so be the skies and we may ride the skies on clouds.I have chosen this theme. So that not just the children in the family identify with this theme but everyone relates to this idea of free spiritedness associated with childhood. After all within each one of us lives a child who needs to be pampered and nurtured .

Since nurturing creativity is the central theme of my life it is bound to be reflected in my home thus I have chosen this theme.

So irrespective of the fact that there are children present in our household or not there should be a section of our home that lets us connect with our inner child and the happy memories of childhood and the spirit that made us believe that everything is possible. Connecting with that spirit is central to my idea of decorating and painting my home.

In the conducive environment of a home the ties and bonds among st the family members get stronger and together they nurture the relationships that form a support system for each other that lasts a life time.

A firm believer in the adage that a family that eats together stays together I want to use the earthy browns in the dining area of the house. As I would love the idea of my family members being connected to each other and rooted at the same time. They need to be grounded and in sync with the elements of nature. Earth being the one that supports and brings stability in our lives . It also provides us with fertile soil that give us food.So the theme for the dining area is an ode to the earthiness that will bring a firm resolve, righteousness and keep us all connected and together.

In creating such a conducive environment within our homes colors play an enormous role. Not just each color signifies a certain aspect but also has an effect on the mood and environment within the house.
 With the #PaintFinder feature from the Bed Bath & More website   I am able to compare similar shades offered in the same color by various brands and also get to know as to how much paint would be required to cover a certain area.

So the #PaintFinder from   Bed Bath & More 
is a great opportunity and tool  for the family to sit together and imaging together ,visualize and see the home of their dreams take color right before their eyes that too at the click of a mouse! 

“I am participating in the #PaintFinder activity in Association with BlogAdda & Bed Bath & More

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