Friday, 28 November 2014

I am a part of AbMontuBolega what about you

#AbMontuBolega is a campaign initiated by Strepsils. Just like when we have that irritating obstruction in our throat we are not able to speak up and get uncomfortable similar is the feeling when our voice of concern is suppressed or stopped from being converted into an action. There are also many situations when we are unable to speak up. There are many such situations like when you are traveling in a bus and find a person harassing or trying to molest a fellow passenger then you want to speak out and take action but you stop yourself from speaking out because you feel that you will be alone in that fight and no one will come forward to support you. However the fact of the situation remains that if we do not stand up for what we believe in or care about then we are next in queue to face the same treatment. So nothing should deter you from raising your voice and expressing your opinion and also mobilizing the people in favor of collectively standing up against such issues.
   There are many occasions and situations when we try to voice our opinion but our opinions are suppressed from being expressed. Many times we do not voice our opinions and thoughts for the fear of being snubbed and made fun of. This fear should not hinder us or stop us from voicing our thoughts or concerns. It is our right to be heard and have a say in day to day life situations. It may be the workplace, schools, canteens, hang out with friends.
Making our voice heard is a process that starts with having an opinion and not succumb to pressure from parents, friends, group members or at the office. We can make our voices heard by expressing it on This is an important step to amplify our thoughts and concerns. By sharing our thoughts here we are making ourselves heard. There is an option to share these thoughts on Facebook ( /  ) and Twitter ( /  ) as well. The result is bringing together opinions of like minded people so that our voice is not drowned by others. By online expression and sharing These opinions get louder and louder till till they are heard by decision makers and those who matter. An added benefit is that a lot of people are mobilized and are better prepared when they face a similar situation.  We see people spitting on the road or throwing litter on the road. When we try to stop them a possible reaction from them is that they try to argue with the person stopping them or simply ignore the person. However when we post about such incidents online on We make sure that we are heard. Our efforts are compounded by sharing pictures of such incidents. Such contents creates public opinion and gets viral very quickly thus bringing it to the notice of authorities and decision makers thereby putting pressure on them to take action. That’s not all when we talk about and share our concerns online along with proofs like snaps we are putting peer pressure on the offenders to follow rules be it wearing helmets, not littering streets or stop drinking and driving. So with its # AbMontuBolega campaign is empowering us to bring about a change that we yearn for . It gives us the power and tool to make ourselves heard and act according to our inner voice of what is right and never would it ever be suppressed again.
                #AbMontuBolega is about bringing a change in our society and day to day situations .It is a campaign started by Strepsils and promoted through the site It is an empowering campaign that puts the power of being heard in the hands of individuals like you and me. Let us raise our voices for what matters to us and our society for a cleaner society and a better India #AbMontuBolega

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