Monday, 17 November 2014

A toilet for all Babli's #ToiletForBabli

India has a large rural population.The major problem faced by the people in the rural areas is the lack of proper toilet facilities.Thus they resort to using the open spaces.It is not only cumbersome but also unhealthy as it facilitates the breeding of germs and is the cause of various diseases.The main sufferers are the women folk who are not only impacted by the germs but also their personal safety is at stake.They move in pairs or groups in the darkness of night The passing tractors make them uncomfortable and their task becomes an ordeal.Their faces are unhappy and harassed as they hurry through their call of nature.They are not only prone to catching diseases but their physical safety is also at stake as some unwanted miscreants are hiding in wait for them .They face the dangers of assault and rape.Such a situation can be prevented by providing proper toilets which not only ensure good hygiene but also they are physically safe.They are not under stress and better hygiene will give them better health.The care of the family is upon them and if they do not have the proper basic amenities like a proper toilet they can not stay happy and healthy. Making a toilet available for Babli is the initiation of good health and safety for the whole family. Just as Mahatma Gandhi the father of our nation said if you educate a woman you educate a family . Similarly when a woman is provided a clean toilet she is protected from the prying eyes, protected from bacteria and infections . Using a clean toilet gives her a healthier mental state and a healthier body. The social structure of our country is such that the women of our house holds are the focal point of the home. They tend to the children, cook ,clean and look after the entire household. Thus a healthier lady of the house and healthier and happier females would take care of the responsibilities better and more importantly would be an integral part in spreading the revolution of good hygiene. 
Domex is a flagship company of HUL and has taken the responsibility of spreading the word about the importance of clean and hygienic toilets. That’s not all they are also building toilets in the remotest of remote village. As part of this campaign called   #ToiletForBabli thet are going to build 20000 toilets by 2015 . The good part is that each one of us can be a part of this campaign. When we visit and show our support for this campaign. The company contributes Rs 5/- towards this compaign. So instead of complaining about lack of toilets it is much better to be part of this campaign and share the link with family and friends as there is not one Babli but thousands of them waiting for a clean toilet.
so lets be a part of  "You Click Domex Contributes" initiative at

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