Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Bringing back the touch

Sunil  and Asha were a happy couple who had just celebrated their fifth anniversary .Their Anniversary party was not a private affair,in fact was a double celebration with the announcement of Sonali’s engagement was  made on the same day. Sonali was Sunil’s younger sister and about five years younger to Asha.
The wedding date was fixed fifteen days away from the day of the engagement .Everyone in the household was very excited. The house was buzzing with guests.  Asha was moving about  looking after the guests.She had a long list of things she had to do in a short span of time,like booking the caterers ,selecting a wedding venue,selecting  the perfect menu and above all making living arrangements for the guests  who had started pouring in quite in advance as it was the last wedding in the family. This was not all shopping for clothes and jewellery and wedding gifts for the in laws was also high on her agenda.
Asha was flustered but handled the issues capably .She was in great demand as every small and sundry matter needed her attention.She was worried that nothing should go wrong as the onus of all the arrangements was on her.She knew that it was very difficult to please all the guests but she was doing her utmost to give her best.
She was so busy in doing the innumerable chores that she neglected her physical care.All this was taking toll on her looks and skin. Then one evening she got the shock of her life when Sonalis friends
Who had gathered together to discuss the wedding dress  called her Auntie.How could they do this as she was just five years elder to sonali and still in the prime of her youth.This made her stop and look at herself in the mirror.She was aghast at what she saw.Her skin was looking old and care worn.She wondered what to do and then she remembered the bottle of Parachute advansed body lotion which she had pushed back into the cabinet.She took it out and sighed with relief as she knew that it would recreate its magic.It was the fourth day and she could see a visible difference.While the time of the wedding it was the seventh day and her skin was feeling soft and completely nourished.It was evening and she was all decked up for the occasion.
Every one complimented her on her looks and how she was glowing even more than the bride.She smiled because she felt confident as she felt the softness of her skin.Parachute advansed body lotion had done the wonder again.



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