Tuesday, 18 November 2014

My Home is my Dream Pad

My home is my dream pad .Though it’s the most guarded space yet it is the best space to splurge and make it look and feel opulent. The exterior has to be elegant ,chic yet the opulence has to be muted. It has to be very functional as exteriors tend to brave the vagaries of nature in all seasons. So it would be best to choose a low maintenance exterior. I choose the tiled façade for the exterior.The anexe of the house and the top floor is what faces the maximum sunlight and heat during the summers and it gets really hot there. So I

The quiet breakfast table for a quick breakfast or a quick snack.

The choice of Seats and chairs for my living Room
Tao Negro The perfect choice for elegance and grace. They will make my living room lively.

However with so much variety I would love to add a few  CLEVER Negro / Cincha Negra in the study for some comfy reading time


I like the feel and look of wood so I have chosen ascot Teca for that wooden look. It would make the rooms feel cooler in summers and warmer in winters. It would fulfil my dream of having a home in the hills that have wooden flooring.These are elegant and low maintenance floors.

For my  dining room on looking the garden this simple yet elegant dining set is the best way for the entire family to sit and eat together because as it is  said the family that eats together stays together

The Grand Bath for some leisurely pampering :
For this special place I choose the look created using OXON WHITE ° M and my  choice of shade is Butech: Colorstuk Blanco 

P3149996 _ 100110470 G205
Butech: Colorstuk Blanco 

 The Second bathroom: The second bathroom gets good light and I want to use it to the maximum to highlight and light up this special room so I have used the Matrix series monoporosa wall tiles

P3099037 _ 100108707 G226
Butech: Colorstuk Blanco

My kitchen is the place where all those delicious oriental dishes are cooked and to go with the mood I would select the Voluta series tiles for my kitchen 

monoporosa rectificado rectified wall tiles · diseños y texturas designs and textures
31,6x90x1cm_12”x35”x3/8” P3470381 _ 100088514 G287
Butech: Colorstuk Negro

My guest deserve a royal Treat
So I will use DECO GALLERY SAGE tiles to create wall murals in my guest rooms

31,6x90x0,9cm_12”x35”x3/8” P3470641 _ 100121105 G296
Butech: Colorstuk Beige

My Kitchen would brighten up with Glasgow Silver 

All photographs have been taken from http://www.porcelanosa.com/gb/


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