Monday, 24 November 2014

Lucky 6 the winning game from

Theoretically speaking what are the chances that if you were to throw a stone out of the window and it would hit some one who wishes to win a lottery or who wants to get lucky in a game of chance ? Well the answer to this question is hundred per cent. Perhaps to answer the prayers of all those who wanted to get rich or win big , has come up with a game Lucky 6
Lucky 6 is one of the easiest games to play. All it involves is picking six brands of your choice out of a list of assortments of brands.
To play the game one has to download and install an app on your mobile device.
The game app be downloaded from

There are two versions of the app currently available one for the android phone and other for the ios based phones (Read apple based devices). For app versions it is best to keep checking the site 
This exciting games gives so many reasons to play such as:
Play This Game For The Prizes:Another reason why, this becomes a compelling game to play is that it is free and the rewards are big. One can win cash or bigger prizes like expensive holidays as jackpot.

Play for Glory: One has the opportunity to not just play this game but also challenge our friends to this game
Winning from Friends earnings: A big plus about the game is that by referring others we get entitled to win a prize when someone whom we refer wins this game. So this is a great way to multiply our chances of winning. So more we share more are our chances of winning.
Chances of winning can be Maximized by sharing on facebook,twitter,Google Plus, Pinterest,Vine and Instagram (check)

So what is the catch. Actually there is none. It’s a game coming from
Fat Cat is a crowdfunded campaign . Since there is no monetary cost so there is nothing to lose. An added benefit is that it is not monotonous as a player gets to choose from a host of brands unlike a lottery where he or she only picks numbers. This added player participation will make this game hot property.
India is a country of over billion people who aspire to win big and be rich and a game which is free and can be played on a mobile is going to capture the imagination of a large number of people. To play one need not go out anywhere or buy anything.
Just pickup your mobile, Download the app for free and get started.

Upon opening the app we get two options one is to login other is to register.

First time users need to register by providing a username, Password and a five digit pass code.

One needs to save this information as it is required to login and play the game.
The user receives a conformation email in their mail box. Upon confirming the email the user is all set to Play
To play one has to log in to the app

For logging in one needs to enter the registered email and passcode.
The app offers to show you a tutorial of how to play the game.
The game play is simple. It offers the user a list of Brands
The player has to click and chose 6 brands of his or her choice.
That is all that is required to play the game. On game play day if the stocks of the brands a player picks witness the highest rise then that player wins.

 This game could make you a winner. 
 images have been taken from and created by using the fatcat.apk  mobile app

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