Thursday, 4 December 2014

Traveling in Lufthansa’s A380 for a 380 degree upgrade in travel experience

Lufthansa has been associated with India for several decades. It has earned great respect due to its precision, punctuality and perfection. In the earlier years when air travel was not much popular among  the masses Lufthansa was looked upon with awe and respect due to its impeccable service. Its services were mostly enjoyed by the elite. Still it was hard to get by a booking on its flights.
Today when many carriers have come into service still the full class service of Lufthansa is the preferred one. Lufthansa may be different but it has always kept the nature and habits of Indians in mind. With the ever growing Indian population more and more people wish to travel in comfort and luxury and Lufthansa is their first choice, The only handicap was the seats were always full and not everyone who wanted to travel by Lufthansa could get the tickets of their desired flights and destinations. With the ever increasing Indian population  more and more people are taking to air travel be it for business, students going to study abroad, people wanting to visit relatives settled abroad and all those bitten by the travel bug who wish to explore new countries for leisure and pleasure. The distant lands have always fascinated Indians and being inherent adventurers and explorers they are always planning to travel to different destinations.
Now the scenario is going to change with the coming of Lufthansa's A380 #LufthansaA380  (the Lufthansa India website )

The biggest commercial passenger carrier that Lufthansa brings to India. Keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the Indian passenger.
The A380 are bigger planes that offer bigger cabin area. More space in cabin would mean that all your travel experience would never be the same again .Economy class passengers have always complained about lack of leg room or the seats being too close to each other.  With the Lufthansa’s A 380 being roomier there would be enough space for everyone, more legroom and more space between seats .
Economy Class Cabin: The improved seat design increases personal space of the passengers

Business Class Seats in A380 that offer more comfort and more space to keep things

First Class Cabin with its spacious and opulent seating

 In fact even the seat design has undergone an upgrade making it more comfortable. The  premium class passengers would find enhancements in the interior design and comfort that will make their experience in flying in Lufthansa’s A380 stand out and wanting them to repeat the experience. Long distance flying will no longer be a chore that people dread and want to avoid . A 380 changes all that. Everything gets bigger and better.

At present the problem faced by the passengers when they enter the aircraft is that they have to move at a snails pace due to narrow aisle space. While boarding and disembarking it feels and looks like a congested bylane with everyone trying to struggle with their baggage and they all have to stand cramped together waiting for the people in front to move on. This causes loss of precious time .

Schemitic: A seperate bridge for Premium class and two for economy class at Frankfurt

A380 offers wider aisle space and more space to store your baggage. So getting in and off the plane is going to be less cumbersome and more of a walk in a marvel of technology.

The Indian travellers are getting more concerned about environmental issues and the news is that the new A380 would offer a better load factor and reduce the per passenger carbon emission. These bigger planes are marvels of technology that will ensure smoother take offs and landings. The design enables better navigation through the rough weather and air pockets. This will enhance the flying experience of not only the first time traveller but also for those frequent flyers  who find themselves always on one flight or the other.

The improvements can also be felt in the upgraded entertainment console and the bigger windows give a better view of the outside world. Lufthansa’s A380 offers a 380 degree upgrade in the travel experience for the Indian traveller.#LufthansaA380
A380 Timelapse video 

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