Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Here comes Kapil Dev's EkNayiLeague

A new show is being hosted by the famous cricketer who is non other than our very own Kapil Paaji the well renowned Kapil Dev. It is the same Kapil Dev who is famous for his sixes. A person well versed in the ups and downs of cricket. When he speaks of hosting a new show which he calls a #EkNayiLeague and a league where the players do not have to play using their dil. We presume that most probably this new show has challenges where the players have to use their wits and mind to answer the questions posed to them.
As Kapil Dev starts his talk by speaking of his imminent retirement plans and that too to Dev Anand the ever green film celebrity. The reactions of Dev Anand on the subject of retirement are an eye opener. He tells Kapil Dev that retirement is a big no for the stars and it has no place in their lives. This makes us feel that well known film personalities are going to be a part of this Nayi League i.e. #EkNayiLeague .
The next members included in this league are the Tennis stars especially the girls. Kapil  Dev is of the view that it is a great achievement for our girls to be a part of the top twenty. So the girls who are tennis stars and made a place for themselves in their field are going to be a part of this Ek Nayi League (#EkNayiLeague). It would be quite interesting to have a first hand version of their experiences.
Not to be left behind are the youth that is all those young boys and girls of our country who have chosen sports as a career. Kapil Dev is proud of these young budding sports persons and surely they would form an interesting part of this league.
IPL has changed the cricket scene and now cash is flowing into the banks of our cricket team members. They too would form a part of this league where they would have to bat and bowl using their mind.
Kapil Dev invites Bittoo that is Kapil sharma who is the host of a famous comedy show called “Comedy nights with Kapil.” His show has become very famous that film stars want to come on the show and they take this opportunity to talk about their forthcoming releases. People from the tinsel world like to be seen on this show. So let’s see that apart from Kapil Sharma who all are invited to join this league where they are not required to play from their dil.
Overall it seems to be a unique concept which would keep us totally engrossed. We have heard of many leagues but we have to wait and watch to see what this #EkNayiLeague (Nayi League) is going to bring.

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