Thursday, 14 May 2015

Recipe of a winning Pepsi Ad

What do you get when you take a family from north India and another from south India take some food from their respective states and a Pepsi and put them all together on a bench in the middle of nowhere . The answer is a award winning ad that can earn you a lakh of rupees and lots of kudos,fame acclaim and admiration.
Keerthi  Natarajan puts together an interesting concept in the video ad entry called Rajma Upma. Here we find two families sitting at a roadside bus stop. By the dressing on gets the feeling that one family is from north India and the other family is from South India. They one by one take out the dishes from their part of the country. Though there are no dialogs but the facial expressions give the impression that they are showing off the food delicacies from their region of the country and at the same time they do not seem to approve or rate very highly the food from the other region. However at the end of the food display they each pull out a bottle of Pepsi and this strikes a common chord between the two families and peace is achieved as smiles are shared. The ad is simple yet very effective in clearly conveying the message. This video called “Rajma Upma” gets my vote gets my vote for its simple, minimalistic approach and clear approach and presentation. The video advert. Has been put together by  Keerthi  Natarajan and his team consisting of atrajprabu Mohan, Selvaramesh Palanivel, Arun Prakaash R S here is the video

Another video that catches my fancy and gets my attention is a video called “Ahead of Time” this video has been created by Paul Joki Kokkat and his team.Full marks to this ad for conceiving and executing a well thought of Idea. The ad opens with two girl teams competing against each other in a game of cricket. The teams are Virat’s XI and Ranbir’s XI .I like the emphasis that has been laid in working on even the small details of the ad like each player is given a T-shirt with their respective team color and name. I see that even small budget video productions are taking pains to work on the minute details . As the ad video flows we see a boy standing at the balcony showing a can of Pepsi to the girl who is batting. When the baller throws the ball. The batsman or rather the batswomen hits the ball in the direction of the boy who had shown the Pepsi can. The ball hits the balcony  and results in the can  falling down. Both the girl doing batting and the fielder are seen diving to catch the can of Pepsi. Paul Joki Kokkat and his team consisting of Gurmeet Sodhi, Ajinkya Iyer, Manali, Saima have done a good job in creating this video.

Here is a link to the video

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