Friday, 15 May 2015

Life is rewarding with My Airtel App

My Airtel App is a new app from airtel that is aimed at helping the customer manage and get the maximum out of his interaction with Airtel. This My Airtel App is designed to reward the consumer at every step of the way and help the Airtel user get the maximum benefit from every recharge. Bill pay or any other interaction that he may have with the Brand Airtel. In a lot of ways this  “My Airtel App” is like a gateway or a window through which a user can avail of the best offers available to him.

This “My Airtel App” is targeted towards all airtel users be it Prepaid or Postpaid Mobile users , DTH consumers or those going to pay their fixed like bill. There is something for everyone from Airtel and they like to call it Airtel Surprises. Under this Aitel Surprise one can get rewards for completing actions that we do regularly. For example doing a recharge or a bill payment is a activity that would make us eligible for a reward. Now imagine this instead of going to an outlet ,standing in a queue and then making a payment to recharge a mobile or pay a bill. We can do it from the comfort of our home or wherever we may be. The “My Airtel App”  offers not just the ease to execute our Airtel related order but rewards us with offers and cash back. The offers that come to us as rewards range from cash backs to rewards such as a free beverage or cappuccino at a reputed outlet or a free tub of Gelato from a premium brand. That’s not all one could get treats like coupons that one can reed across categories like food,shooping outlets,entertainment,wellness products & services and many more. All these coupons are from well known and reputed brands like PVR Cinemas, CCD or CafĂ© Coffee Day,,,,, Archies, VLCC and a range of other stores.

The second part that I like so much about this app is that it is a very well organized app that is very easy to use and at the same time it gives me and all its users the flexibility to prioritize and customize the app. For this purpose the “My Airtel App” has a “I want to” tab . So as a user one can make short cuts of the most frequently used tasks and they would appear under the “I want to ” under the home screen. The of the common tasks that can be added as short cuts are
Bill Payment
Buy Packs
Record a Program
Order Games
View Balance
Data Consumed
Check Recharge History

The third most important thing that causes me to flip for this app from Airtel is the fact that making a payment with the app is very easy. I feel relieved that it uses the PCIDSS certification. This means that my credit card transactions are as secure as any where else as it follows the credit card industries prescribed and followed credit card security certification. I am greatly relieved that I do not have to enter my credit card information every time as it can securely save my information for future use.It is very easy to use app and it makes every Airtel related task very easy to follow and execute. It provides  a real time Bill tracking feature so I can just go and pay my bill and the payment is reflected in real time. All in all It gets my vote for a user friendly and pocket friendly free “My Airtel App” from  Airtel .

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