Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Creating Magic With My First Expert

I had my first glimpse of this world when I opened my eyes in the cradle of her arms. Feeling safe and secure
I had closed my eyes and dozed off to sleep.It was the start of a relationship that was to last a life time.

She initiated me in the uttering of my first word "Ma". When I took my first step her arms guided me whenever my wobbly legs were about to stumble.

She taught me how to hold the spoon and eat independently. There were many a hits and misses but she was always by my side.

She was my fashion stylist. I still remember the day when I wore a black and white polka dot dress specially stitched by her. It had frills at the arms and neck.

I had stood preening before the mirror,it was so beautiful that it made me look like a princess.
She imbued in me the sense of color and till today this helps me in making the right choice by choosing the right combinations.
Perfect combinations that flatter my shape and add color to my skin tone.She was my first expert in hair styling as well  and made me experiment with different hair styles that suited my long tresses.

She was equally wonderful with sarees and the way she worked out the pleats the saree looked simply superb. I finally managed to tie my saree just like she did and always got praised for my style.
My mother was a natural beauty and graceful. This was another aspect that she instilled in me,right from the art of talking and walking.
She was an expert in nearly all fields of life. I learned from her how to put on the wool onto the knitting needle to form a loop and my first stitch.

I also became adept at knitting and weaving in intricate designs. Each piece was different from the other. I took pride in the fact that I could learn so much from her.Cooking was her forte and this was a field in which I did not want to be left behind.I did manage to master a few recipes like the dahi bhallas and the succulent
Gulab Jamuns.

Throughout my life my mother has been my guiding force always preparing me for every eventuality of life. Than came a day when I spotted the first strand of grey hair glowing and standing up aloof from the rest of my hair. That sight petrified me and I felt that it was the end of youth for me. I did not know what I should do? And why I got a grey hair where as my mother still had such long ,lustrous and shining black hair despite being much older to me. Than as usual my mother came to my rescue. That was the moment that she shared the secret of her well kept shiny hair and the owner of the best ,healthy and the longest hair in the whole colony. When she passed on the pack of her trusted hair color to me I was apprehensive about the use of a pack of hair color on my hair. That is the moment I discovered another secret when my mother shared her knowledge of hair color and also her pack of Godrej hair color. That made my hair glint and shine. She has been a veteran user of the Godrej hair color right from the beginning of its launch when it came in a liquid form and was called Godrej Liquid Hair Dye. That was the year 1974. Since then my mother has been a loyal customer who has been using the product for so many decades now. Even though so much has changed in terms of packaging and even the name but the faith in the product has lived on over the decades. As I have received the inheritance of this  family secret of how to keep the hair lustrous shining and  always covered with the most natural looking color's without the presence of any grey strands. I have lean ed the secret of maintaining  hair that are ageless and always well coloured and natural looking.
My mother has been my perfect teacher my first expert who taught me not to be arrogant or self opinionated but self confident.
Thanks to her I have come out of all the trials and tribulations of my life successfully.


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