Monday, 27 April 2015

Value of celebration

I love my mother very much. She is my best friend my mentor my best critic and my perfect guide. She has always given me the best advice whenever I was at a turning point of life. She always told me that we should be honest and hard working and the results would always be positive. Even if the results are not immediate, wait patiently and never give up.
 One more lesson which I learned from her was to celebrate life as it comes and enjoy every moment of it. She says” We should enjoy every moment of our life as it never comes back”. If we are enjoying that moment all work is fun and not a burden. We do not need a reason or wait for any festival or occasion for celebration.
 Being together is only a big reason. Every day is a new day. Its full of challenges and opportunities. If we succeed we should take a short break and appreciate that moment and if we fail still then wait and analyze and work again with full determination. If one fails to find a reason to celebrate in one's life then celebrate in your sister's success or husband's promotion. We don’t need a major reason.
Celebration doesn’t mean spending lots of money for decoration or spending on food etc. Celebration is a moment when you realize the importance of that moment and in living that moment. You feel happy from inside. For that we all need to let go of our egos, tensions and selfishness.
We are humans first and we should not forget to share our joy. If we share joy it would only double giving us more reasons to celebrate. I am very thankful to my mother for teaching me such big lesson about life. Life is short. We should value life. Spread cheer around and give reasons to others for celebration.
Everyone has to search their own source of happiness. I celebrate life by cooking, its my passion. I feel very happy and content to try out new dishes for my family. I give them a reason to celebrate. My family loves cooking and when they are happy I feel more encouraged. I try and experiment with different ingredients giving them a new look and texture, which surprises my loved ones.
 Cooking for my family is my source of happiness and a major reason for celebrating life. My mother always encourages me. She has taught me to spread smiles and keep everyone around happy wherever we are. It may be at home, college, office or even in the metro. Life is all about celebration. We all should find our reason for happiness and celebration. Mine is cooking. What's Yours?
Think friends. Celebrate Life, celebrate every moment as life is very precious.

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