Tuesday, 13 January 2015

Relocate to Bangalore with quikr

If I were to relocate to Bangalore how would I use bangalore.quikr.com ? Well this is not a hypothetical question for me at all. I have long been fascinated by the tales of this garden city. I have heard how the weather is good for twelve months round the year perhaps this had led to a secret yearning to go and stay in this beautiful city. However when I got the news that I was to go on a project to Bangalore for two years and then there could be a possible extension of stay I was perplexed. For one I did not know what I would do with all my belongings . If I were to pack all my belongings like refrigerator, beds, sofas, TV and all other household furniture it would cost me a bomb and if I were to buy all those articles afresh in Bangalore it would cost me a fortune. Moreover what would I do with all these things  in case I have to move out of Bangalore ? These questions plagued me till I came across http://bangalore.quikr.com/
My first concern was to find a place to stay . Luckily browsing through houses on rent section http://bangalore.quikr.com/Houses-Apartments-for-Rent/w257 

I could view the pictures of apartments and houses that were on offer for rent right next to or very close to my new office in Bangalore. The most significant feature was that I could talk to the property owner without the intervention of a middle man like a property dealer.

The Chat function is a great tool that I used to clarify whatever queries I had about the house I wanted to take on rent. The best part is the new feature quick Nxt that eliminates the need to share the phone number and the email also. This way my privacy is protected .

 I was really very happy to see a large number of listings for TV,Fridge,Washing machines and other household items at much reduced prices even than the showroom prices. Since I was dealing with actual sellers  I got to know first hand information as to why they were selling a particular product and in what condition was it being sold. I even negoatiated the price and decided from whom did I want to buy the products .Even before I set foot on the soil of Bangalore  without stepping out of my home  
now I can buy anything that I want at a price that is just right.Moreover  I can sell the products that I no longer require at the best possible price. This way I get the cash to buy more and in a way satisfy my craving for shopping ;) This is indeed a super way to quickly get what I wanted and also the best of all deals without worrying about my pocket.It is an affordable luxury and convenience which I really enjoyed and loved.
Either as a buyer or as a seller http://bangalore.quikr.com/ offers the best deals and value for money
My Parting Words
TV,Fridge, Camera or DVD Player
Don’t fear No middle men, no brokers are here
So buy a house or rent your apartment
This is the market where the buyer met the seller
Through quikr Nxt before they meet face to face

Whatever you do, you will get the maximum value for your buck

All images have been taken from http://bangalore.quikr.com

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