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my car buyers checklist meets the TATA BOLT

The decision of buying a car is always a big decision as it would be our mode of commute for at least a couple of years. There are so many brands and models that it becomes difficult for a person to decide which one to choose. I always want a car that gives me value for money and is packed with the latest features. It has to be innovative in the use of technology and be stylish. As a car is no longer just a means of going from point A to B it is also a status symbol. Above all I should look good in it and I want it to be a head turner . I should not feel ashamed to be seen with it. It should have features that I can flaunt and show off to my friends.
Keeping these points in mind when I got the opportunity of experiencing the New TATA Bolt I was pleasantly surprised by the new look and feel of this new product from the TATA stable.
I am fascinated by
1)      The Multi drive Feature of TATA BOLT. This is a unique feature seen for the first time in India.
The Multi-Drive is a feature by which a person can choose the performance of his TATA BOLT It has three modes The Sport Mode. It gives a lot of sport power to the driver and one feels the ultimate power of the Revotron 1.2 T engine at one’s disposal.
In the Eco mode: it transform the TATA BOLT in to a fuel conscious car that focusses on getting you a good fuel efficiency.
In the City mode the car is designed to give you an optimized city performance. This Multi-Drive feature alone sets it apart from the rest of the competition.

2)      The CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™ is a marvel of technology that makes surfing and switching FM channels and watching multimedia content or movies in the car a novel experience . One of the safety features built into the system is that the volume levels are speed sensitive. So as we go faster in the car and need to be aware of the outside  sounds the volume of the audio gets automatically adjusted.

Speed dependent volume control
Syetem Reads out your SMS messages
The Navigation System to ensure you never get lost

Use your Voice to Change Channels 

3)      Talking of Safety I want to be safe on the road and TATA BOLT has incorporated a number of features keeping the safety of passengers in mind.
There are air bags for the front passengers.

What this means in simple terms is that in the time of emergency braking sometimes the wheels lock and the car can go out of control if the car is moving at higher speeds.

TATA BOLT has The advanced ABS (Anti-Lock Braking System) with EBD (Electronic brake-force distribution) and CSC (Corner stability Control)

So if you were to apply sudden brake in emergency while the car is traveling at a high speed then the ABS system and EBD comes into play and you maintain better control of the car. Similarly when you take a sudden turn at high speed the CSC or the corner stability control comes into play and provides you more car control and

stability at sharp turns. With city traffic getting erratic this is a definite plus. I would also prefer to go on long drives and do plenty of hill as well as city driving

TATA BOLT has a built in sensor that locks the doors as soon as the car is set into motion so that the doors do not open by accident . This is a boon for people with young children who are playful and sitting on the rear seat. You can rest assured while driving that the doors would not open by chance or accident.

The doors automatically lock when TATA BOLT is in Motion

The rear screen fog wiper is a boon for all those who want a good view during rains and fog. It not only increases the visibility while reversing but also helps you keep a clear view of the approaching traffic from behind.

The side mirrors give a good view along the external length of the car and what I really liked is the smooth joystick control that is present to adjust these side mirrors.

    4) TATA bolt is all about comfort: So the from and rear seats are cushioned to provide you a relaxing experience while being in the car yet they provide you with a vantage point to see out of the car and get a good view of the road.The interior cabin is spacious and provides best in class space to the driver as well asto  the passengers. While I sat in the car there were three more people in fact complete strangers were seated in front and on one side of me however the inside cabin being big and spacious give me the feel of a spacious car and I did not feel that my space was being impinged upon. So this car meets my check mark of ample personal space for all the passengers. 

L5) Looking at the car from the outside its “Smoked  Projector Headlamps”,TATA's signature grill with” PIANO BLACK FINISH” and the “FLAME-SHAPED TAIL LAMPS” caught my eye and earned brownie points for giving it an uber,chic and stylish look. 
Smoked  Projector Headlamps

TATA's signature grill with” PIANO BLACK FINISH


The Alloy Wheel Look

T    The 15 inch alloy wheels also caught my attention as they added to the overall look and appeal. However I am impressed by the nice clearance. I am of average Indian height and sitting in the driver’s seat gives me a good view of the road. Having hit so many check marks in the list of features in my  car buyer’s wish list TATA BOLT gets my nod in the affirmative. 

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