Saturday, 24 January 2015

My bold spidey moves for Valentine

I have known this guy ever since I was in school and I really like him and have a soft corner for him Even he likes me . I know this by the way he looks at me and the way his eyes light up on seeing me  and he has also confessed about this to a common friend. However he is a super shy guy and this shyness has stopped him from   proposing to me so far.. I have been waiting for his proposal and can no longer wait so I have decided to make the first move. Since our childhood  both of us have been fans of Spiderman and are great enthusiasts who love to collect  Spiderman comics and memorabilia. It has been our greatest passion. I am going to use this common passion to bring us closer.Exchanging these comics and reading them together used to be our common pas time.We made it a point to see all Spiderman movies together and we have also formed a Spiderman Fan Club We started bonding over these comics and the joint reading sessions and I don’t know when we grew close to each other as we progressed from childhood to adolescence and then stepped into adulthood. This common passion has stood the test of time and even to this day the shelve full of Spiderman comics is my guys cupboard are one of his most valuable and prized  possessions. So I have decided to woo my guy in  a truly offbeat and Spiderman style that would surely make the ardent Spiderman fan in him take note of my feelings for him . In preparation for this special day for lovers i.e the Valentine day I have ordered a special SpiderMan costume for myself. I am also learning how to climb up and down a rope. The first thing that I am going to do this valentine  is that I would dress up as Spiderman and use a rope to slide down onto his balcony from my balcony. as my flat happens to be just above his. .I would do this in the morning to coincide with the time when he is exercising and doing his push ups . Seeing me   hanging  on a rope like the Spiderman would surely get him excited and then  as he would come near me I would propose to him. This would be a proposal of a true Spiderman fan to another. When he accepts  my proposal I would go upside down on the rope and  like the famous upside down kiss from the Spiderman movie where Spiderman kisses   Mary Jane.I would complete the proposal with a kiss to make it the most memorable moment for both of us and mark the beginning of a new relationship in both our lives.

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