Saturday, 31 January 2015

Bidding Pimples Goodbye

It is every one’s dream to have a roses and peach complexion. A fresh looking skin  is always complimented and though you may not be a raving beauty , the way you look ,the feel of your skin and its texture adds a charm to your personality.
Pimples are most dreaded by all especially the youth ,be it a girl or a boy because a small pimple can make them go crazy as they think of methods to try and hide it. A pimple is considered to be a torture which robs you of your mental peace.You start wondering as to what caused it. Did you not wash your hands before touching your face or is it the effect of something you applied on your face.You torture yourself with the thought as to what you had eaten just before its occurrence.
Pimples can be the result of pollution , too much of fried oily food or an infection or even tension.
I had always prided myself on the fact that pimples were strangers who would never cross my path. Every morning I would get up and my foremost task was to examine my face, as I knew that it was my passport to success and fame. I felt pity for all those who were under the disdainful impact of pimples.
I felt very confident that a pimple would never plague me .Then one day as I got up and as I examined my face in the mirror I felt as if I had stepped on to a mine which had simply exploded in my face.There was that pimple though small , laughing at me. I felt as if I had been robbed of my greatest treasure .I felt at a loss because it was a situation which I had never experienced before and I did not know how to cope with the occurrence of this pimple which was all set to mar my face.
I was in college and participating in a dance competition, which was a very important occasion for me. Now this little disaster called a pimple had come to torment me and spoil my great day which was just a few days away.
This spoilsport was coming in the way of my dance practice sessions as my hands would invariably seek it to feel if it had increased in size. I was in a state of great agony when my mother came to my rescue. She told me that my grandmother had a perfect answer for pimples but the recipe required a number of ingredients, some of them my mother recollected but felt that some were still missing. So it was decided to call up my grandmother and take her help. On being told of my plight my grandmother assured me that I need not panic nor search for any ingredients as now Garnier had launched its Active Neem face wash which was all I needed to do the impossible, that is free me from the clutches of this pimple and make my life simple once again.Acting on her advice I started using Garnier’s Active ineem face wash.The miracle was wrought and on the day of the competition I was my radiant smiling self once again.

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