Saturday, 20 December 2014

No to pre-marital sex

Our culture and society neither sanctions nor supports pre marital sex. It has been steeped deep in our minds that premarital sex is taboo. Girls are taught to make sure that they do not give in to the temptation of sex before marriage. Sex without and before marriage is considered unholy and such liaisons were looked upon with shame and disdain. The elderly women of the house used to keep their hawk eyes upon the activities of the young girls at all times. Any slip on their part brought them reprimands and bad name to them as well as the family.
Now with changing times the attitudes of the people and more so of the girls have started changing. With more and more girls being exposed to the world of men, having taken to doing jobs their morality is changing. Sex for them is no longer something that will bring shame to them, it is a basic instinct and need which has become a norm for them. Girls have become more independent and financially secure. They are a part of a bigger social circle and having shed their inhibitions they do not shy away from premarital sex.
Sex is a strong feeling which is all consuming and can be sparked any time. A sudden touch ,a look is enough to initiate the feeling of desire.
It is very important for both the boys as well as the girls that they do not give in to this desire before time. This is only carnal and debases you. Sex is that something special a feeling of care, that can only be shared with a specific person. It then becomes glorious. This can only happen when in matrimony. Sex then becomes a joy, a feeling of love and sharing which helps to bring two people together. It is the tuning of two individuals who are going to spend a lifetime together. Sex after marriage helps to bring the two partners closer. It is a ritual not just an act, bringing companionship into a relationship that blossoms into love and care. Sex after marriage is not only an outlet for your feelings but it is the process of knowing each other better and at all times the better and only option that makes you aware of how much you are wanted and cared for.

It is the finding of your true soul mate.Only then does the charisma of sex unfolds. to make it the most wanted and desirable.

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  1. Interesting post buddy. It is just matter of thinking.