Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Art and Craft of keeping children busy and productive

 I visited a relative of mine during my college break I noticed that either their kids were playing outside the entire day or when it used to be very hot outside or raining then they would be like a bunch of noise making and grumpy kids always complaining that they are bored and have nothing to do. Children always have a lot of toys,books and video games to spend time with. Despite so many things to pass their time they yearn for activity where they can use both their body and mind. They need a channel to vent out the boundless and almost unlimited energy that they have. They always seek something new to keep themselves engaged. When my host complained that during the summer breaks it was hard to contain and deal with children and that it would be nice if I could suggest some ways to keep the children busy.
I had little experience in this regard yet I wanted to be of some help in this situation and with this intention started to search the internet. I was looking for some activity that would help keep the children engaged and if possible involve them in an activity that helps to tap their inner creativity.
So the first step was to involve the children that is a boy and a girl who are the cutest and the most adorable brother and sister but only till they are not pulling each other’s hair or running after one another to knock each other out. To device an activity the first step was to decide upon what we needed to do with the help of the article
The article lists a number of activities and I narrowed it down to building a card board house. Telling them how exciting it would be to build something out of cardboard I convinced them that we would be building a cardboard home . The kids had never done this before so they got very excited. We had a pair of scissors lying around .The glue was also handy. Card board from old sweet boxes and diaries was retrieved from the store room.
Before cutting the cardboard we drew the shape of the house that we actually wanted to build and this activity had the elder brother drawing and the younger sister filling up the lines with her color crayons. Their teamwork and working without fighting came as a surprise to their mother . However little did she realize that more positive things were to follow. Once the design was finalized we used glue to stick the design on to the cardboard and then using the design as our guide cut out the cardboard to get the desired pattern. The young sister would apply the glue on the edges and give the piece to be put in place by the elder brother. Even though the activity could be done by a single person but the brother sister team work made it even more enjoyable and created some quality bonding time. 
By the time the house was completed it was almost evening. Yet the children wanted to do more so they rolled up a piece of paper to create a tree. And cut out the cardboard to create a fence for the new house that they had build on a lazy summer afternoon.
The beautiful house got a cardboard placard that served as a name plate and it displayed the names of the proud owners of the house Suraj and Jyoti.
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