Monday, 13 April 2015

Memorable ad that left its mark

Ads which are the short word for advertisements are the medium chosen by companies to show case their products. Through this mode the products that a company produces are talked about and their salient features are displayed. Earlier there was more visibility of print ads and ads made for the radio. People had greater access to radios. In those days radio was the main source of news and the companies used this medium for advertising their products. This was the most preferred mode used by companies as the urban as well as the rural population had access to the radio. In this way the advertisements regarding new products were within the reach of many and influenced their buying and spending decisions. Now it’s the age of video ads. The earlier ads were quite simple in nature and the message used to be clear. Now the video ads are more complex and intricate in nature. Some times the message in the ad comes out loud and clear but there are many ads which leaves the public guessing. Visual ads are a better and effective way of leaving a more lasting impact on the audience. They highlight the effectiveness of the products or the services offered. They are a better way to reach out to the viewers. These ads are better retained in the mind and when one wants to buy that specific product then the product and the name flashes in your mind and there is a great chance that you would opt for that specific brand. Thus ads are a sure shot way to make people buy the products advertised.
We all have been watching ads for a long time now. We find those ads more interesting and attention gripping which have a comic content and a story line to keep you involved.
There is a specific ad produced for Fevicol which rushes to my mind when this brand is talked about. It is about a person working with wood and at the same time he is also watching the Television. On the TV screen the scene shows a girl hanging on a rope.
While watching this man stands up and extends his hand to pick up the box of adhesive which is placed on top of the Television. As soon as he picks up the adhesive the girl falls down. The message comes that the adhesive was holding the girl and with it removed the girl falls down. No matter how many times I watch this ad but I always react to this by wishing that the man would not remove the box of adhesive so that the girl stays put in her position. I am sure that many others must have felt the same and uttered a loud “No” just as he is about to pick up the box from the top of the Television. With the Television having a bigger reach to the masses, companies have allocated budgets for it. Now with IPL underway I am looking forward to viewing many new and interesting ads with the cricketers in them.
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