Monday, 16 March 2015

Singapore Food a reflection of its Soul

Food has a very important place in our lives. It is not just to fill our stomach and give us energy  in addition it interacts with our senses at different levels. Its colors draw our attention our eyes see its colors and its aroma entices our olfactory senses through our nose, its taste make us love it,tolerate it or reject it based on the sense of taste that it creates by virtue of stimulating our taste buds. On all these counts of sensory perception the food available in Singapore is designed to be nutritious,healthy and hygienic.I found the people in Singapore to be fit ,energetic and always on the move
The healthy Food that makes people in Singapore healthy and active

Singapore offers you so much. You can work hard during the day and then in the evenings you can enjoy a relaxing meal and chit chat with friends.

Talking about place to eat then there are plenty of choices from the roadside eateries to dine in's and takeaways.

 Every city and country have a soul,a culture and Singapore’s culture is about good food amongst other things. They delight you with food at every level. Look at the ingredients being sold on the streets. Some I could recognize and some were alien . I didn’t even know the names of so many of them .yet they looked delicious and inviting. With so much good looking and delicious food around I thought  that I have come to a food paradise.

For one you do not have to look around for food or places to eat there are plenty around at every nook and corner.  The best part is what ever is your food budget you are likely to find something or the other in it.

The  food is not only delicious but also very good to look at. If you are a foodie like me then you would surely feel that it is saying come and eat me.

With food choices from vegetarian to non vegetarian and an exhaustive list of sea food you are not likely to remain hungry in Singapore .

People go to Singapore for various reasons, however going to Singapore for checking out and tasting the food on offer is a reason enough to visit beautiful Singapore. My opinion is that the food there is a message of the soul of Singapore. It believe in feeding its guests with healthy, clean delicious and hygienic food and that is just what the food in Singapore is all about.

Disclaimer: All Memes created by me and photo's taken on my trip to Singapore

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