Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Home is where my heart is

It’s a strange bond that we share with our home. When we move into a brick and mortar structure called a house we make it livable by furnishing it. We decorate it .Celebrate every festival in it. As time passes this house becomes our home and a strange bond is established. It is almost like a living member of the family with a distinct personality. I have lived in a number of houses around the country at various stages of my life and each one was quite different and in different parts of the city or the country however there is something common in all these homes that is they provided comfort and protection. I could say that they are like emotional cushions that support you and soothe you. I have witnessed that every time we moved to a new house it was better than the previous one in some form or the other and it enriched our lives in their own way. Another benefit of moving to a new house is that you make new friends and neighbors so in a few years of having shifted a couple of houses me and my parents had a wider circle of friends then what we would have  had we lived in just one house for all our lives. Of all the houses that I have lived in and the one I miss the most is the one I lived in when I got into the fifth standard. This was a bigger house then what we used to live in previously. The most important part for me was that it in this house I had a separate room to myself. A window that let in lots of light and cool fresh air. My study table was set next to it. This room became witness to all the hard work and late night studies that I did under its roof. I studied hard and topped my school as I could study undisturbed and concentrate for long hours. The fresh oxygen rich breeze kept my mind alert and eager to grasp and memorize whatever I was studying. Then I joined a top college in my city. As part of extra-curricular activities I joined the debating society in my college. For every debate that I delivered there was hours of practice and the terrace of my home was witness to every bit of hard work put into it as it not only offered me a wide space to pace around and learn my lines but also the privacy of trying out different expressions as I practiced the delivery of every debate that I had prepared away from the prying eyes of the neighbors, thanks to its tall walls. My home became the spring board that help me become a complete and balanced person and just as my school and college were instrumental in providing me with education. The various houses that I lived in presented me with a different social environment and taught me skills to interact with people from various backgrounds. Then when I graduated I got a job offer in another country. I was a girl just out of college and ready to embark on my life’s journey into the big world. My parents were apprehensive. However having lived in so many different cities and houses had given me the social skills to survive in a new environment So I took my big decision and moved to #StartANewLife to a new city and a new house. This moving out was to mark the beginning of an interesting journey in the course of my life.

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