Sunday, 22 March 2015

On the journey of discovery of smiles and Happiness

Happiness is a very precious thing and when we are happy we smile however a genuine smile is getting rarer by the day as we are spending more and more materialistic lives and running after material goods. Once I used to think that when ever I used to buy a new piece of jewelry  and flaunt it at parties or functions it made me happy as I felt good and smiled receiving those compliments. However this meant that I had to keep buying new jewelry and clothes for every party,function and this seemed quite an expensive proposition. Also the happiness it brought was temporary and would quickly be wiped out if and when I saw someone wearing newer or more beautiful design of jewelry,clothing  or footwear. Then one day looking at  myself in the mirror I discovered a new doorway to feel happy and smile. That is to reinvent my jewelry ,clothing and hairdo for a new look. This way I am not dressing up to look good for others but to please myself. I am able to achieve this by using my necklace as a " maang tikka" on my fore head  or as an armband. Even changing my hairstyle gives me a fresh and different look and the feel good factor associated with this experiment of change makes me feel happy and brings a smile to my face. As I have grown over years I find that the loving embrace of my children and when they tell me how much they love me brings me more joy and smiles then anything else. With a little daughter who looks like a doll when she dresses up and tries to put on all my jewelry and then asks me how she is looking brings me the ultimate happiness, joy and smiles. Now a days when all my family remains very busy throughout the week they get very little time to spend with each other or with me so on weekends and holidays or at  every meal time when we are all together and I cook their favorite dishes  in a healthy manner and they enjoy a hearty meal it makes me happy and brings a smile to my face. When I see my children happy and smiling I feel happy and smile. When they get success at school in studies or in co-curricular activities and when they come running happily and smiling to me to tell about their success and achievements it brings me happiness and makes me smile.  More than the physical and tangible things that bring us joy I have begun to get happiness and reasons to smile when I see my loved ones happy.  Every new day brings to me new reasons to smile. Early in the morning the chirping of the birds, the blooming of the flowers ,the laughter of the children in the garden all make me happy and bring a smile to my face. 

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