Saturday, 14 March 2015

Finding the magic of together

The day I discovered the power of #together my outlook of life changed dramatically. although we have to choose the path of our life and walk on it alone.
I had been the only child of my parents and greatly loved and cared for by them. I simply had to wish and that thing was mine. The magic of  #together infused in me a new strength, a new vision that was to be my life’s mantra forever, something I could never forget in a hurry. Life is a journey, a constant movement. The path of life is never simple or straight. It is neither smooth or as we want it to be. Our life has many ups and downs. No matter what we do there are many moments in our lives when we need the power of #together. No one can climb the mountain alone. I dedicated my spare time to my studies as I wanted to excel in everything I did. I had never faced failure so far and did not know what it tasted like.
I was confident that success would always kiss my feet. Being the studious type I usually scored the best marks in my class. I was carefree and happy. As I mentioned that the path of life is not always straight. I was soon going to discover this. Just a few months before my board exams there came a new student in my class. She was excellent in her studies and soon she out did me in performance and began to get better and better marks than me.
I felt the ground slipping from beneath my feet. I began to feel desperate and started forgetting whatever I had learnt for my pre board exams. I was becoming a mental wreck.
I was losing sleep and appetite as well. One day my best friend came to visit me and was greatly shocked to see me in this state. She suggested that we should go for a walk in the garden. There she caught hold of my hand and talked to me about our last picnic. The pleasant memories surged in me causing my tension to release. We laughed together and then sat silently holding hands watching the flowers, the bees buzzing around them. We could hear the rustle of the leaves as the wind gently passed through them. This was a miracle that told me that I was not alone. These moments of togetherness infused a fresh energy and hope in me. She had caused all the memories of the good things that had happened to me to revisit me. I felt a great burden off my shoulders and my sagging spirits lifted once again. With this new rediscovered vitality I started preparing for my exams and came out with flying colors thanks to that time that I had spent #together with my friend. I had the power and magic of being #together

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