Sunday, 1 February 2015

No fikar only Quikr NXT

Quikr has launched its new Quikr Nxt chat service that enables the buyers and sellers to connect using a chat feature.The chat feature by Quikr Nxt is a game changer that is going to change the way things would be bought and sold over the internet.I see it loaded with features such as

1 It helps the users keep their phone numbers private.Biggest advantage of this is that we users are protected from the unscrupulous online marketeers who are always on the lookout for people like us who post our personal details specially our phone numbers online.They then target us by inundating the owner of the phone number by numerous marketing phone calls selling various wares from credit cards to flats. Our phone number can also end up on a target list that is used to send bulk SMS’s . We are so wary of deleting these junk messages that are a drain on the battery and the space as well.

 2 The second biggest attraction of the chat feature is that it gives you the convenience of chatting and connecting with multiple prospective buyers or sellers at the same time.So the time is better utilized as in a phone call you can connect with only one person at a time.The chat feature gives you the flexibility of indulging in a chat at your convenient time.

3 Chat features have a chat log that maintain a track of all the conversations that you have had.This saves you a lot of time as it’s a ready reckoner for you to evaluate all the would be buyers and sellers.I find this feature very useful as I no longer have to note down the personal detail of every buyer and seller with whom I would like to take the negotiations to the next level.

I like the photo sharing feature very much it is a great time saver for both the buyer and the seller.For the buyer there are no surprises when he or she goes to see the product that he or she wants to buy as the pictures provides a realistic picture of the product.So he or she can make up their mind about the intended purchase and also negotiate the prices better.For the seller it means that more buyers get to see the condition of the product and he can get the best possible price.It is a win-win situation for both the buyers and the sellers.
It saves time,money, energy and makes the overall experience of interacting with a buyer and seller more productive and fruitful.I have experienced that after sharing the pictures of the product I want to sell over a chat only genuine and serious buyers approach me.This saves useful time.
So if you want to buy or sell anything do so online and there is no better  place then Specially with the Quickr NXT chat feature.

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