Sunday, 15 February 2015

My Ideal Valentine My ASUS ZenFone

What does a girl want in her ideal valentine. I am the kind of girl who wishes my valentine to be intelligent and with a mark of Intel inside, the ASUS Zenfone qualifies on that count. The ASUS Zenfone is powered by Atom 2520 processor this delivers a very good performance and at the same time has a good and powerful efficiency.All this is achieved without reducing the battery life. This quality makes the ASUS ZenFone to be chosen by me as my valentine.


The Interchangeable colorful cases

 I would surely like my valentine to be good looking and match my sense of dressing and apperance in the looks department.On this count the ASUS Zenfone scores well. It has interchangeable color cases that can be changed to personalise the looks of my ASUS Zenfone,so whatever be the color of my dress there would be a colorful case with ceramic touch that would go well with my outfit.It would surely make me the talk of the party circuit.

3 Being well dressed I would love to click selfies and videos of the people around me as they see me with my new valentine my ASUS Zenfone. The 13 MP HD camera would come in handy to capture the reactions of people when they see me with my valentine.

4 The five element optical formula lens enhances the picture quality of the photographs taken with the Zenfone camera. The sensors have the larger photo receptors and a wide aperture F/2.0 lens that is designed to get more light into the camera.This ensures that finner details are captured into each picture.This would transform me from a selfie wannabe to a selfie queen. Your valentine is supposed to make you feel special and my pictures clicked with my ASUS Zenfone camera do just that.


I am a person who cannot live without the internet nor can I live without talking to my friends.Playing the role of my perfect valentine the ASUS Zenfone is a dual sim phone. It offers network speeds of upto 42 MBPS DC-HSPA+ so I can enjoy smooth streaming of HD videos and other multimedia content.The dual sims also offers me the opportunity of having one sim dedicated to voice calls and the other for my data usage or better still I could do a mix and match to make the best use of different voice and data plans offered by different telecom companies.

 Its long lasting battery would ensure that our relationship consisting of voice calls, net surfing and enjoying games or multimedia content has no frequent recharge interruptions. It looks like its a win - win situation for me without any strings attached.

The bumper is a great protection to ensure that protection is offered against any fall and my beloved valentine that is the ASUS Zenfone is not hurt or break itself due to any careless or clumsy handling by me. All these features make the ASUS ZenFone my perfect valentine.

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