Tuesday, 17 February 2015

My Top Five Wishes for life BefikarUmarBhar

I want to live the life that I have always dreamt of. I too have my hopes, dreams and aspirations that drive me to pursue my goals. I want a life without any constraints, with nothing to hold me back. I want to live #BefikarUmarBhar. Life can be long or short, happy or sad depending upon how you manage your affairs. It is a common belief that hard work holds the key to your success and achievements, but one usually forgets that all days are not equal and events and circumstances of life can turn all your plans topsy turvy. I can fill reams and reams with my wish list and still it would never end. So let me just list my five most important wishes that I would like to be a reality and bring a great change in my life enhancing the quality as well as style.
My first wish that tops the list is to have a lump sum of money that will not only double my happiness but also provide me security. It will also help me in realizing my wishes. With my wishes seeing the light of the day, I would be the happiest person.
My second wish is to own a house which has all the necessary amenities of life and is equipped with a personal swimming pool and a garden blooming with flowers which would be a pleasure to behold. A home is a priority because a roof that I can call my own is a must.It will not only provide security to me but also to my family.The tension of finding a house for rent will end and there would be no more hassles of constant shiftings. From the life of a nomad I will be promoted to that of a respectable home owner.
Owning a car comes third in my list, that too a car that is not too small and cramped for space but one well equipped with the latest gadgets and has plenty of space for me and my family, a car that has style and class and is good for the city as well as long distance travels.It will notch up my esteem as I would no longer be a commuter who is at the mercy of others.
I have always looked upon my friends with envy who went on foreign travels and had great stories to tell about their experiences. They are always looked upon with awe and respect in my friend’s circle. So it is an important wish for me too and my fourth wish on the list I too want to see foreign lands and experience them first hand. I have not been able to save enough to fulfill this desire of mine so far. I wish to travel and see as many countries as possible and as I love to meet and interact with people this would make me happy.I would be able to see different locales and also learn about different cultures.
My fifth wish.My family holds a very important and special place in my life. I want to give them all the luxuries of life as well as safeguard their happiness and keep them secure in the case of any eventuality in the future even when I am not there.I want them safe and secure now and in the future So I can live life #BefikarUmarBhar

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