Sunday, 1 February 2015

Defining my Grandma the unsung hero

I have always looked upon my grandmother as my role model. She has been my constant inspiration in all walks of life. She got married at quite a young age and as a result she could not finish her schooling. She got married into a big joint family and in spite of being quite well off, she was constantly on her feet ,doing some task or the other. Cooking,knitting and embroidery were her forte. She would knit beautiful lace shawls and making paintings for the walls using silk threads and velvet were her passion. She made up for the lack of her education by reading books on her own. She belonged to the olden era yet she was modern to the core.She was a firm believer in imparting education to the girl child because she believed that an educated girl could look after her family better.With this in mind she gave free tutions to the girls of the neighborhood. She was tiny and frail yet had the strength of steel. She never shied away from work and even tended personally to the cow who was there to provide milk for our daily needs. The surplus milk was distributed  by her to those who were not well off or those needing it as a medicine. I never saw her losing her cool.She was warm and affectionate and when she smiled her brown face lit up making her look beautiful.
Whenever I am faced with a difficult situation I always try and visualize her reaction to that situation and how she would have reacted and acted.It was her vision to impart education and skills to girls making them self reliant and financially independent.She had the habit of wrapping up the cut nails and throwing them in the dustbin, as she was afraid that the birds may not eat them accidentally.This tradition is still followed by me and my children till date. She was the true environmentalist in our family who loved planting herbs and other medicinal plants.This is another habit of her’s which we try to keep alive.

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