Saturday, 18 October 2014

Diwali the fedtival for homecoming #GharWaliDiwali

Our country has a multitude of feasts and festivals but the one which tops the list is that of diwali.It is aptly called the festival of lights as with nightfall the city comes alive with multicolored lights set up as straight lines or geometric designs.
However in our household we relate to this festival as the time for homecoming just like the birds coming to roost.
The countdown for this day begins from Dusshera.The markets are all decked up with gifts, clothes and the halwai shops are doing a brisk business Diwali is that much awaited time of the year when everyone wants to be at home and celebrate the #GharWaliDiwali.The joy of being with your loved ones on this Festival of reunion and lights is unique and uncomparable.
It is imperative that the house be cleaned thoroughly and freshly painted too.This tradition is followed till date.There is the smell of freshness in the air.The kitchen is abuzz with activity.The aroma of freshly made laddoos make the children yearn for a bite while the mouth watering gujjias make us go yo yo.It is that time when every member of the family,be it my uncles or aunts, brothers or sisters and their children gather together for this grand reunion.
After completing my schooling I had to shift to another city  for further studies, which was located at quite a distance from my home. Festival time is the time when one wants to dump everything and rush home. But one year I was unable to get any booking either by train or plane to reach home.Tears welled up in my eyes and fell like a stream as I thought of all the things that I was going to miss..As luck would have it my roommate's father came to take her home.Seeing my plight he made a detour in his plan and offered to drive me home first.My happiness knew no bounds and just before sunset I was home.
My family had become despondent and were in low spirits but when I stood before them there were shouts of joy and the evening became miraculous all thanks to one kind act never to be forgotten.I knew that this was going to be my best diwali ever.My brother and sister had brought dresses for me keeping in view the latest fashion and my color choice.My cousins were not far behind as they loaded me with beautiful trinkets and accessories.After performing the puja we lit up the earthen diyas.Thereafter we sat down to partake of a sumptuous meal topped with my favourite laddoos and gujias. Replete with food we had an Antrakshi session intermixed with bouts of laughter over silly jokes and puns.This was not the end but the start of waiting for the next Diwali

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