Saturday, 18 October 2014

a healthy child means a happy home

A child is like a budding flower, the building block of every home. A home without a child is drab and dull , lacking in spirit and liveliness .The human cycle starts from infancy ,followed by youth and old age.It is very clear that a child’s presence keeps the spirits revived .

A child is very delicate, constantly requiring attention and since he or she is undergoing various stages of growth needs proper nourishment.Dust , pollution and germs pose a constant threat to a child’s well being. As a parent we must do our utmost best to ensure the best diet and protect the child from diseases.

It is said that no home is ever complete without a child. Children are the essence of a home making it more vibrant and happy place with their tiny squeals ,their gurgles of laughter and the sound of the pitter patter of their tiny feet. Their cherubic innocence is like a spell.Looking after a child requires 24 x 7 attention..It means being constantly on your toes.

A child is unable to speak and you have to constantly guess what he or she requires from the expression or time of the day ..They howl when hungry and do not give up until fed. Once fed the look of contentment on their tiny faces is worth a look. They are constantly in motion ,rolling over ,turning sides and so on Once on their feet the whole room is their playfield..Things have to be cleared so they do not get hurt.

Just as a plant needs attention and nourishment so does a child. They are tiny and delicate and greatly susceptible to germs and diseases.They need protection , a shield to keep them safe and healthy. As long as a child is healthy he or she is a happy child ,in turn making the home a happy home .On the contrary if a child becomes ill the whole house is in a state of upheaval. It seems as if a storm has passed through..

It is very essential that along with attention and care proper nourishment is provided. There are many natural herbs and ingredients which enrich the quality of a child’s food and increase his immunity.This is essential to ensure a healthy present and future for our child. When we become a parent we understand the trials and tribulations our parents must have faced in bringing us up ,they never let go and never frowned at their own suffering but always had a concern about our welfare.

Blessed is that home where the musical laughter of a child flows showing that a healthy child makes a happy home.Children are the harbingers of happiness. As they become older and get ready to face the outside world they face a barrage of challenges . Being exposed to the outside world ,stresses and an army of germs ,bacteria’s and viruses are at the forefront of challenges ready to embark on the journey of life in the outside world. We take good care of their diets however at times we ignore to give them the much needed immunity boost. Luckily for us we have rich knowledge of ayurveda that lists so many herbs like Amla, Ashwagandha,giloy, Guduchi ,Satavari, Vidarikand etc that boost the immunity system of children and the entire family. Our children are lucky that they do not have to go to the himalays in the search of these herbs and medicinal plants. A ready made concoction in the form of chayanprash is being made available by Dabur. This Dabur Chyawanprash provides a 3X boost to our children and our whole family and better prepares to face the challenges of life

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