Monday, 7 July 2014

The Affair

The rice was well soaked and nicely browned.As the milk surged into the pan the rice began to hide but soon could not resist the temptation and gurgled with the surging milk till they were one.
The sugar stood testimony to their bond while the blanched almonds and crushed cardamom stood witness to this scene of joy.
The Borosil Designer Bowl Set doubled its beauty as it shimmered and glistened like the full moon peeping out from the pond.
The aroma spread in the home and caused everyone to get together in the kitchen .As they noticed the whiff of air stealing the aroma and escaping from the window,they ran to shut it down but by then it was too late.The wind had carried  the news of the affair between the rice and the milk to the neighbors gate.

There was a knock on the door,we opened it to find our neighbors saying with a smile, "The Kheer got made?"

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