Thursday, 3 March 2016

Never Break the Teesri Kasam

When we started dating my would be husband always tried to be at his best behavior always trying to impress me with chocolates, ice cream treats and movie outings. He seemed to be a nice easy to like guy and we hit it off really well. Then I decided to pay him a visit. To my utter shock his room was in a mess. Things were strewn all over the place ,there were dirty dishes and clothes littered all over the place. I was very disappointed by this aspect of his. Yet I went ahead and tidied up the place for him thinking that it was a one off thing. However the next time I visited him his place was just as untidy as I had seen it in the first place. This made me very angry and I gave him the ultimatum either ME or your Untidy days . So the first Kasam that #SadaSexy took for me was to keep the house clean and tidy.
Soon we got married and like a lot of married couples started getting a lot of visitors at home. Since my husbands side of the extended family is quite large we used to get a large number of visitors from his side of the family. Like a dutiful wife I was looking after the guests and cooking endless meals in the kitchen. Perhaps it was all the Seva I did of all the guests that I got the tag of being a good cook and more and more guests started flocking to our place. However now there used to be requests to cook dishes of their choice . The requests would invariably go like this last time when your husbands Mama ji had come you had made those Dahi bhalla's . Now that your husbands Chachi has come so won't you cook those Dahi bhalla's for me. All these requests burdened me with work and I had no way of getting out of this vicious cycle of requests .So ultimately when I got on the verge of a breakdown I took the Kasam from my husband & #SadaSexy that he should help me in all the household chores including the kitchen specially when guests come over.This was the second kasam from him that helped me sail through the first few days of marriage and soon things settled down. However on the first Anniversary of our wedding he disappointed me by not wishing me in the morning .I thought that like a lot of husbands he too had forgotten our wedding anniversary. Then at lunch time the door bell rang and upon opening the door I found my husband standing there. He was holding a paper envelope which he extended towards me. I was perplexed . I opened the envelope and inside I found a single slip of paper and it read. #Kasam # 3: I will always stand by you . My #SadaSexy husband had floored me once again. Many years have passed since that day but kasam se our relation has become stronger with each passing day and our marriage stands firm on the pillars of the #3 Kasams that my husband took and never broke.

“I’m blogging about the kasams I want from my man this Women’s Day with the #SadaSexy activity at BlogAdda in association with Set Wet.”

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