Friday, 27 January 2017

Chords of Love

Relationships are like silken threads. Their course does not run smooth. There are many moments when we face upheavals and experience chords of discord. It is very important for us to get out of such situations as fast as we can. This is very important to make the course of our lives run smoothly.
Our lives are a perfect weave of moments that make our lives interesting and noteworthy. In this texture are woven our relationships. Every one faces a bad hair day and similarly we often face bad relationships. When these bad moments take a sudden turn for the better then they leave a indelible mark on our memories. T hey come to the forefront again and again making us relive those moments once more.
Living with our family and specially our siblings give rise to many intolerant situations.
We find it hard to ignore the attitudes and actions of our siblings, but then something happens that upturns the table completely changing the situation that was causing us anger and aggravation.
I was not the only child but had a brother a few years younger to me. He was my complete opposite, very active never sitting still and always tampering with the gadgets
Opening them apart to see what was inside. He was always living in a world of his own .
He did not care for the feelings and emotions of others. It seemed that he was himself bereft of finer feelings. He was like a bully and I was in constant fear of him always wondering which favorite thing of mine would fall prey to his curiosity. As a precaution I started keeping my precious things under lock and key to keep them safe from his prying eyes and damaging actions.
He was the youngest child in the house and every one pampered him. Inspite of all his provocations no one ever scolded him and this made him more of a nuisance. He was super confident that all his actions and their consequences would be ignored by one and all. I was the only thorn in his happiness because I constantly reprimanded him for his deeds. He looked upon me as his enemy. My constantly locked almirah was a source of great curiosity for him. He always loitered near it and tried to open it but got frustrated on finding it locked. One day being in a hurry I left the keys on the table nearby.
After nearly an hour I came back to my room and was shocked to find the contents of my almirah strewn on the floor. On the table lay my most prized possession, my Mother of
Pearl  watch. It was all opened up and all its parts spread on the table. This sight was the ultimate for me and I sat on the chair weeping inconsolably. I felt that my world had come to an end.
Suddenly I felt an arm on my hand and I looked up to see my brother tying his favorite watch on my hand. Their  were tears in his eyes. This act of his brought a sudden turn in our relationship. Although his watch was a plastic one it seemed at that moment to me the
most valuable. He wiped my tears and we shared our favorite chocolate to mark the moment. Now that plastic watch is my most prized possession and it brings back the memory of that day which changed our relationship
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