Monday, 23 January 2012

The Daku mantri

We had recently shifted to a govt.allotted flat in New Delhi.It was a completely different experience after having lived in the walled city.The flats were recently made and we were the first occupant of the flat.Whenever something was organized or some message had to be passed to the residents the chowkidar would move from block to block making announcements over a loudspeaker.We used to rush to the balcony to hear what was being said.One evening the chowkidar was making an announcement,asking the people to collect in the main garden as daku mantri would be shown.We were greatly excited at the prospect of seeing a movie.We had never heard the name before and tried to rack our brains to find a clue of who were the stars.Eventually at the alloted time a huge cloth screen was put up and we waited for the movie to begin.We were in for disappointment as what followed wasa documentary film.Then we added the pieces together and came to the conclusion that the chowkidar had wanted to say documentary but spoke it as daku mantri.Though disappointed for the moment it was the start of a series of movies shown for the entertainment of the residents

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